Varun Grover Calls Macarons, “Duniya Ki Sabse Fraud Mithai”; Netizens Are Glad Someone Finally Said It

Writer and comedian Varun Grover didn't mince his words when he came across the French confection, macarons during a flight to Zurich.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Varun Grover Calls Macarons, “Duniya Ki Sabse Fraud Mithai”; Netizens Are Glad Someone Finally Said It

If you’re a foodie, you’d have definitely heard of macaron. It’s a French meringue confection made with egg whites, icing sugar, almond meal and granulated sugar. This bougie dessert is often characterised by its pretty pastel hues and pricey bills. But let’s be honest! Do macarons really stand a chance against desi mithai? Well, renowned writer and comedian Varun Grover recently slammed macarons and called it “Duniya ki sabse fraud mithai.” And Netizens wholeheartedly agreed!

Varun Grover Says It’s Better To Drink Sugar Syrup Than Eat Macarons


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On a flight to Zurich, Switzerland, Varun Grover’s in-flight meal included a pretty box of macarons. Pointing at the French confection, Varun says, “Yeh jo hai, yeh duniya ki sabse fraud mithai hai. Isse kharab, ghatiya mithai, kuch ho nahin sakti.” (This is the most fraud sweet in the world. There can’t be a worse sweet than a macaron.)

He continues, “Isse accha aap ek litre sugar syrup banao, chashni banao aur pee jao, ganne mein dooboke. Madness! Yeh sirf cheeni ko sundar aakaar de diya hai, aur pastel shades de diya hai. Bahut mehenga dish hai, ghatiya hai.” (Instead of this, you can make sugar syrup, dip it in sugarcane and drink it. Macaron is just a prettier form of sugar with a pastel shade. It’s a very expensive, useless dish.)

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Finds A Cute Envelope On Flight With Salt & Pepper Packets

After slamming macarons, Varun takes our attention to a small, prettily designed envelope. Like Varun, we would anticipate a “Bon Appetit” card enclosed in it. But no, we’re wrong! This tiny greeting card actually has salt and black pepper packets in it. The comedian poked fun at it and said he can never understand European aesthetics. Nevertheless, called it cute but “vichitra” (strange).

Well, Netizens took to the comments section of his reel to wholeheartedly agree with him. @pause.and.edit comments that despite being a baker she finds macarons to be the most pretentious and unnecessary dish. “Just because it’s French, doesn’t mean it’s good,” she says. Another Instagrammer called macarons, French batashe. Many others also termed it “ghatiya mithai”

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Well, what do you think about macarons? Do you agree with Varun Grover?

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