Vatika Presents ‘Vatika Voices’, A Campaign By Women, For Women

by Shrestha Purkayastha
Vatika Presents ‘Vatika Voices’, A Campaign By Women, For Women

Like it or not, women are born leaders and possess great capabilities to participate in building a secure community. Gone are the days when certain jobs were considered gender-specific. Today, women have gone beyond being a mother, daughter or wife and are playing influential roles as highly skilled policewomen, doctors, nurses and even delivery riders. Thanks to the UAE government’s efforts to ensure women have a role in the country’s security apparatus.

In an effort to encourage women and celebrate their success, Vatika and Curly Tales team up to launch Vatika Voices. The unique campaign celebrates women in the MENA and GCC, who have made the world sit up and take note. Unlike what’s often assumed, women in the region are more empowered and enabled than ever before. And now, Vatika gives them a platform to showcase their dreams and thereby live them.

Vatika Voices- A Campaign For Women, By Women

Vatika Voices is a unique campaign that aims to shed light on inspirational women in GCC and MENA. And by inspiration, we don’t mean only those who have made it to the headlines or have garnered fame and name. Success- big or small is worthy of being appreciated and that’s exactly what Vatika aims to do through this campaign.

Through this campaign, Vatika aims to show that empowered women are self-sufficient and add more value to society. In fact, the campaign is solely run by women of determination who have managed to prove what it takes to be them. Their hard work, passion and perception to chase nothing but excellence set them apart and makes them an integral facet of the campaign, just like the other Arab women.

The women behind the campaign include:

  1. Kamiya Jani, CEO, Curly Tales
  2. Vaishnavi Venkataraman, Managing Editor, Curly Tales
  3. Payal Jani, Senior Sales Manager, Fork Media
  4. Yogita Chainani, Writer, Curly Tales

What Does Vatika Aim To Do Through This Campaign?

For 20 years Vatika has nourished your hair. Vatika now wants to be a torchbearer to nourish your dreams. 1000 women will win a chance to up-skill their passion.

Vatika sees itself as a catalyst that helps women make their dreams real. Whoever and whatever you are, a champion or an influencer, or an entrepreneur, or just a person who’s walked her own path to make a better reality of hers, let your voice be heard. Sign up now and you can win a chance to follow your passion and better your life.

How Can You Participate & Win?

It’s very simple! All you need to do is click this link, fill in the required details and register. Make sure you register right away as entries for the campaign close by December. Vatika will then pick 1000 winners and provide courses that will help them up-skill their passion. Winners will win a chance to hone their skills across 15 courses. The courses include:

  1. Fashion Accelerator
  2. Food Accelerator
  3. Crafts Accelerator- Jewelry edition
  4. Crafts Accelerator- Home Decor
  5. Crafts Accelerator- Natural products
  6. Services Accelerator
  7. Marketing Accelerator
  8. Women rights initiative Accelerator
  9. Recycling Accelerator
  10. Makeup Accelerator
  11. Events Management Accelerator
  12. Tech Accelerator
  13. Health Accelerator
  14. Sports Accelerator
  15. Digital Marketing Accelerator

Hurry! Sign up NOW AND WIN!