Video: Crew Member Asks Grammy-Nominated Passenger, Bobbi Storm, To Keep Quiet & Stop Singing

by Shreya Ghosh
Video: Crew Member Asks Grammy-Nominated Passenger, Bobbi Storm, To Keep Quiet & Stop Singing

No matter how much we pay for a flight ticket and which class we fly in, the comfort of our journey is sometimes dependent on the passengers inside the plane. Recently, a video of a Grammy-nominated singer is circulating on social media where she is seen having a heated conversation with a cabin crew member for talking loudly and singing her song during the journey. What actually happened and led to the heated argument? Let’s get to know all about this flight journey here.

A Grammy-Nominated Passenger Sings On A Flight; Video Is Now Viral

Bobbi Storm shared the video of her singing on a flight on Instagram. She also added some glimpses of her conversation with the cabin crew attendant.


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The much-talked-about passenger is Bobbi Storm. She makes the announcement of her new song to her co-passengers in the viral video. The viral video shows how she comes out of her seat and talks with the crew. While she interacts with the other passengers and talks about her new single, ‘We Can’t Forget Him’ while sitting in her seat, the attendant comes forward and asks her to stop singing.

Meanwhile, she also announces her 2 nominations for the Grammy Awards. As the video continues, we can see the cabin crew member asking the passenger, “Are you able to be quiet?” Their conversation soon turns a bit chaotic and she does not seem to listen to any of his instructions.

Bobbi even asks the attendant if she is going to jail if she continues to talk with the passengers and sing for them. She said that she is doing what the Lord is telling her to do.  She continues singing and entertaining the passengers with her new single.

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Later, Bobbi shared another video stating that executive officials of Delta Air Lines contacted her and apologised.

What Are Netizens’ Opinions On This Viral Video?

Picture credit- Instagram/ Bobbi Storm (@bobbi_storm)

Video of the Grammy-nominated passenger singing on the plane is going viral on the Internet. It looks like most Instagrammers do not agree with her behaviour or the way she reacts and interacts with the cabin crew member of the Delta Air Lines flight. Many are even against her singing en route and disturbing others. She is even receiving flak from many Internet users for such things. Here are some of the many comments and criticisms under this video making rounds on social media.

An Instagrammer commented, “Why is this giving secondhand embarrassment”. Calling it to be egoistic, someone commented, “This is one of the most egotistical things I’ve ever seen. Work on that ego sis”. A comment was there that suggested the passenger get a private jet. Another comment on the video read, “Do you know how to behave in public?? are you This Entitled?”

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What do you think of the passenger’s behaviour on the flight? Do you think that it was okay to continue singing even after the flight attendant asked her several times to stop doing so? Let us know what you think.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Bobbi Storm (@bobbi_storm)

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