Video Of Bengali Girls Making Jhuri Vaja Goes Viral; Recipe Inside

Here's a recipe to make delicious jhuri vaja easily at home.

by Shreya Ghosh
Video Of Bengali Girls Making Jhuri Vaja Goes Viral; Recipe Inside

Rich in culture, West Bengal is known for its history, heritage, and traditions. While talking about the state and Bengalis, one thing that can never be forgotten about is the delectable spread of authentic delicacies. There is just too much more to relish apart from Ilish Maachh and Roshogolla. Have you tried the famous snack Jhuri Vaja? If not, please try it ASAP! This is a suggestion from me, a Bengali foodie. If you love munching on not-so-spicy crispy snacks, you will enjoy it.

A Video Of Some Bengali Girls Making Jhuri Vaja Is Viral

Taking to Instagram, TasteAtlas (@tasteatlas) shared a video of a few girls sitting together and preparing loads of this delicious deep-fried snack.


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This Instagram reel shared on Instagram by TasteAtlas (@tasteatlas) has originally been shared by Kamalesh (@kam.alesh98). It has been a few days since the original video has been making rounds on this social media platform. All the clips show us perfectly the steps involved in making Jhuri Vaja. Be it making from scratch or preparing in large quantities following proper methods, the steps are more or less the same.

The video starts with a girl making a paste on a flat surface and then transferring it to a mould to form string-like shapes. Another girl later places a weighted tool inside the paste and then uses it to give the desired shape. It looks like spiral-fried snacks. After she makes the shapes on a flat surface, she adds them to hot oil to deep fry. In the next step, another girl flips and fries Jhuri Vaja and transfers them to a huge saucepan. Lastly, another girl takes some snacks and packs them in plastic bags.

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How To Make This Crispy Snack?

Jhuri Vaja
Picture credit- Instagram/ TasteAtlas (@tasteatlas)

There are hundreds of recipes to make jhuri vaja easily at home. If you wish to make it at home at the last minute, here’s the easiest recipe using only a few ingredients.

  • Add besan, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, roasted fennel seed powder, and salt to a bowl and mix well.
  • Next, add water to make the jhuri vaja batter.
  • Whisk it for 2-3 minutes and make sure that the batter is quite sticky.
  • Lastly, add it to oil and deep-fry on medium heat.
  • Once fried well, sprinkle some salt and enjoy.

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If you have not eaten this Bengali snack before, grab some soon and enjoy!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ TasteAtlas (@tasteatlas)

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