Video Of “Disciplined” Elephants Boarding Truck Goes Viral; Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To Humans Domesticating The Wild

X users are reacting to the viral video of these two elephants. Here's why.

by Shreya Ghosh
Video Of “Disciplined” Elephants Boarding Truck Goes Viral; Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To Humans Domesticating The Wild

We have often seen many people taming wild animals, keeping them as pets, and sometimes even using them for different purposes. While a section of people is interested in doing all these, many feel concerned about the lives of the helpless animals. In a recent viral video, two elephants can be seen boarding a truck and their way of getting on the vehicle is grabbing everyone’s attention.

IRAS Officer Shared A Video Of Two Disciplined Elephants Boarding A Vehicle

Taking to the X platform, Ananth Rupanagudi (@Ananth_IRAS) posted this video showing how two animals follow proper steps to enter a truck.

The viral video perfectly represents how wild animals can be disciplined. They boarded the truck without creating any tantrums or disturbing others. One of them got on the vehicle at once by stepping one foot on the stool placed in front. After the elephant boarded the truck, another one entered using the same stool. It was surprising to see the elephant use its trunk to lift the stool and place it in the truck.

Sharing the video, the IRAS officer stated that this video is an example of “disciplined boarding of a vehicle” if there is something like this concept. He further added that human beings need to learn from these elephants to be disciplined and follow proper instructions, especially while boarding any vehicle.

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Netizens Share Mixed Responses To The Viral Video

Elephants Video
Picture credit- X/Ananth Rupanagudi (@Ananth_IRAS)

Shared on Wednesday morning, the X post has already garnered over 80K views with many reactions from X users. While the video is indeed a great example of the importance of discipline. It might also set a good example for human beings. However, it also shows the reality of people domesticating wild animals. Many Netizens find it impressive to see these elephants following proper instructions to get on the truck. However, many X users are stating how the best decision is to leave these wild animals in their natural habitat. Here’s how social media users are reacting to the video and sharing their opinions.

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What do you think of this viral X post? Are you also concerned about these elephants?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Ananth Rupanagudi (@Ananth_IRAS)

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