Video Of Woman Cooking Apple Sabzi Goes Viral; Netizens React Saying, “Bass Ab Aur Nahi Jeena”

by Shreya Ghosh
Video Of Woman Cooking Apple Sabzi Goes Viral; Netizens React Saying, “Bass Ab Aur Nahi Jeena”

If you enjoy watching cooking videos on social media, you surely often come across videos of people making dishes using weird and bizarre ingredients. Well, this time, we found a woman who prepared a basic sabzi recipe but the primary ingredient is not as basic as we think it to be. She used many apples to prepare the dish and it looks like Netizens do not like this unconventional experimentation with the fruit and Indian spices.

Do We Like Apple Sabzi? Looks Like It’s A No!

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Mohammed Futurewala (@MFuturewala) shared a video of a woman using loads of apples and preparing a curry kind of dish in a huge kadhai. He named it Apple Sabzi. 

The viral video circulating on social media platforms shows a bizarre method of using apples to cook sabzi. Are desi foodies happy about the experiment? Well, not only most Netizens are unhappy seeing the dish and the cooking process, but many are tired of coming across videos of using unnecessary combinations of ingredients. It came as a striking shock to many seeing the woman using raw apples to cook a dish using peanuts, spices, oil, and whatnot.

The recipe began with the woman deep frying unpeeled apples in a huge container filled with oil. Next, she took some spices and peanuts and crushed everything well. Next, she prepared the stuffing with flour, chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt, and some hot oil. Then, she took the fried apples, scooped out the seeds, and stuffed the flour mixture inside each of the apples. Next, she heated up oil with some spices and fried onions, tomatoes, different spices, and salt, and cooked the gravy of apple sabzi. Then she added all the stuffed apples in the tomato gravy, added the peanut mixture and water, and continued till everything was cooked perfectly. She served apple sabzi with bread slices and green chillies.

We have seen tons of bizarre cooking videos in the past where cooks used unexpected ingredients and mixed them with our favourite dishes. This was the first time when we saw someone using apples, peanuts, and spices to prepare an India-style sabzi.

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Are Netizens Approving This Recipe?

Shared on October 29, 2023, the video has already garnered more than 327K views in just 2 days. The video is making several rounds on the Internet and is coming across many foodies. It can be clearly said most of them are not at all happy seeing the preparation of making apple sabzi. The cooking connection between apples and vegetable curry is not sitting well with most Netizens.

Many have shared their thoughts and reviews for this preparation under the viral video and most comments are about disliking apple sabzi. This is how Internet users are reacting to it.

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Now that you know the ingredients to cook apple sabzi and how to make it easily at home, will you give this a try? Do let us know if you wish to eat this sabzi.

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ Mohammed Futurewala (@MFuturewala), X (formerly Twitter)/ Tough Titmouse (@S_Diksha)

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