Kanpur Vendor Sitting On Paneer Shocks Internet; Netizens Say, “Never Buying Non-Branded Paneer”

by Shreya Ghosh
Kanpur Vendor Sitting On Paneer Shocks Internet; Netizens Say, “Never Buying Non-Branded Paneer”

It is hard to find someone who doesn’t like eating paneer. This humble and diverse food ingredient can be used in making finger-licking delicacies from bhurji to masala to pulao to even fried snacks. A disturbing picture of the behind-the-scenes of making paneer is making rounds on social media platforms, and looks like our love for this food item is going to be a bit affected. Netizens are very concerned about hygiene after seeing the image.

A Kanpur Man Sitting On Top Of Paneer Is Going Viral On The Internet

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Azhar Jafri (@zhr_jafri) shared the much talked about picture of a man sitting on a huge quantity of panner.

He shared the image with the caption, “Never buying non branded paneer after seeing this”. It can be seen how a man is sitting on a piece of wood kept on top of a stack of paneer. It looks like an attempt to drain and get rid of the excess water from the milk product. The step taken for this process to prepare paneer has not only left Netizens in utter shock, but people are now concerned about the maintenance of hygiene and quality checks of food made in such places. The picture is from Kanpur, according to a report by the Free Press Journal.

Ever since the disturbing picture of a man sitting on paneer was shared on the X (formerly Twitter) platform, it has clearly grabbed everyone’s attention. Everyone is now quite conscious and concerned about the hygiene and cleanliness of non-branded paneer sold at local shops. You can buy this ingredient from any sweet shop in any quantity you like.

What do Internet users think of this process followed to drain the water after making paneer in such huge quantity? Let’s take a look at their reactions.

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Desi Folks Are In Shock And Are Scared To Buy This Product From Non-Branded Places

No matter how much we enjoy eating all the spicy and unhealthy food and bahaar ka khaana, we are quite skeptical and concerned about the products and ingredients used in cooking dishes at our homes. From spices to vegetables to fish and meat, we try to buy fresh ones from the markets and shops. Many of us buy paneer from local shops that are usually not of any popular brands. After this viral image started appearing on social media, many became concerned if they should stick to buying non-branded paneer.

On the other hand, many Netizens are pointing out that there is no guarantee that well-known brands are not following such steps or not taking proper notice of hygiene checks and quality assurance and maintenance. Some people also pointed out the fact that many dhabas and food carts also use non-branded paneer.

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Will you continue to use the same non-branded paneer even after seeing this viral image or do you prefer from well-known brands only? Let us know what you think of doing the next time you buy paneer.

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ Azhar Jafri (@zhr_jafri)

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