“Are You Selling Non-Veg Makhana?” Netizens React To Man’s Post About Finding Insects In Makhana Packet

by Tooba Shaikh
“Are You Selling Non-Veg Makhana?” Netizens React To Man’s Post About Finding Insects In Makhana Packet

A man’s social media post recently went viral. In the post, he complained about finding a cockroach and multiple tiny insects in the packet of phool makhana or fox nuts. He said that he got the pack from the famous online store Flipkart. He said that the customer care of the e-commerce website had failed to respond to any of the complaints he raised. Here’s everything you need to know about this update.

Man Finds Insects In His Phool Makhana

Ordering online is a common phenomenon these days. Everything you desire, from sofa to socks to snacks, everything can be ordered online and delivered. However, occasionally, things go terribly wrong. Either you end up receiving damaged products or you don’t get your item delivered at all. But this person probably experienced the worst.

Recently, when a person ordered fox nuts online, he received an additional unsavoury add-on that he didn’t ask for. His pack of phool makhanas that he ordered from Flipkart was crawling with insects! He even found a dead cockroach in the packet. In the thread of the post, he also stated that he tried contacting customer service but to no avail!

He then resorted to sharing his experience on the micro-blogging website X (formerly known as Twitter). His post received a number of reactions from people and even got a response from the company itself. He also posted in the thread that Flipkart had issued a full refund for his order so what he initially set out to do was accomplished.

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This Is How Netizens Reacted To His Plight

However, this didn’t prevent Netizens from posting funny reactions! One of the comments asked if the e-commerce website also sells non-vegetarian phool makhanas poking fun at the insects he found. Phool makhanas are vegetarian, so calling it non-veg makhana because there were insects, is quite funny.

One other commenter said that perhaps the person should have just gotten the makhanas from the general store instead of ordering them online. Many commenters seemed to echo this sentiment. Netizens also advised him to not buy such products online and instead go to local shops to support local businesses.

Many even shared their own plight and shared how they, too, had either not received what they ordered or received inferior quality or defective products. Many even said that such happenings were so frequent that the website itself should be banned.

The company responded to the post and apologised for the poor experience that the person had to go through. They even issued a full refund for the order that was botched.

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Has anything similar happened to you? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @i_siddharthshah/X (Formerly, Twitter)

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