Vikas Khanna And Kamiya Jani Relished Cheesy Pocket Kulcha At This Mumbai Food Joint | Curly Tales

by Mallika Khurana

Chef Vikas Khanna is regarded as one of the top professional chefs in the world and has gained the love of people everywhere. MasterChef India has inspired viewers all around the world. He enthusiastically represents India on a global platform with his dedication, labour, and exceptional talents. Nonetheless, he didn’t confine himself to a profession in the food industry. We got a glimpse of some of his favourite meals from both India and abroad because he is really passionate about food. Vikas Khanna and Kamiya Jani, Editor-in-Chief of Curly Tales, spoke at length in this episode of Tere Gully Mein, and Kamiya shared with us many facets of his professional life.

Vikas Khanna Had Amazing Cheesy Pocket Kulchas

If you’re spending a day with Vikas Khanna, it is bound to be filled with delicious food. To start their food trail in Mumbai, they decided to start with a cheesy pocket Kulcha at Pet ki Baat. Chef Vikas Khanna must have had plenty of chole kulche in Amritsar but this Mumbai twist was going to be something else entirely. As soon as they reached the eatery, Vikas Khanna was surprised to meet the owner.

Apparently, he was familiar with the woman’s story of struggle about how she raised her kids suffering from a muscular disability. To make sure she provided the best for her kids, she decided to open Pet ki Baat, the fast food corner. Evidently, he was so delighted to meet her. Then came the delicacy this woman was so popular for, the cheesy pocket kulchas. He called the food ‘Dil ki Baat’ and it was the sweetest thing ever.

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They Went On To Indulge In Desi Chinese

Vikas Khanna
Photo Credits: Internal

The next stop in their food trail was Chef’s Platter. It is a vegetarian restaurant serving excellent Chinese. While they were waiting for their food, they started to play the game, ‘Chatkara by Hajmola’. Believe us on this, it was as insightful into his life as it was exciting. Vikas Khanna had to allot different Hajmola flavours to people in his life. Want to know who was allotted what? Go on, watch the video right now!

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