Vikas Khanna Goes To These Places When He Is Lost & Looking For Inspiration

He was totally fascinated by the Udupi cuisine during his college years.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Vikas Khanna Goes To These Places When He Is Lost & Looking For Inspiration

Sometimes along the path, we all feel lost in this fast-paced world. No one in this world is safe from this dilemma. Even celebrity chef Vikas Khanna feels lost sometimes when it comes to cooking or life in general. After much introspection, he found inspiration in one of the closest things to his heart and goes back to it whenever he needs to. He revealed all about it on this entertaining episode of Tere Gully Mein with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. Scroll down to learn all about it.

Vikas Khanna Gets Inspiration From This Particular Thing

We played a fun game with Chef Vikas while we waited for some tasty Desi Chinese and North Indian dishes at Chef’s Platter in Bandra East. One of the questions Kamiya asked was about his favourite fast food restaurants he visited the most during his college days at Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal. He shared that he was totally fascinated by the Udupi cuisine back then.

Udupi is a South Indian cuisine mainly consisting of vegetarian dishes like kashi halva, idli, dosa, ghasi and more. Vikas was particularly fond of a delicious thali served at a restaurant named ‘Kalsang’ and revealed that it still inspires him after all these years. Whenever he feels lost and out of ideas, Kalsang’s thali encourages him to create more with innovation, creativity and originality. We, humans, always cherish places or things from where we started our dream journey.

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His Favourite Food Recommendations In Amritsar

Vikas Khanna
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Vikas’s inspiration might come from Manipal’s Kalsang but as a true Punjabi, he has a long list of go-to food joints in Amritsar. When we say list, we mean it! He listed Maqbool Road’s chole kulcha (which is also one of his favourite dishes here), Mathura chaat, Bansal Sweets’ ladoo, Kanha Sweets’ pooris and gur ka kada, Sharma Ji’s gulab jamun, and DAV College’s aam papad. You must note it down for your next trip to the city.

Kamiya was extremely impressed with his incredible Amritsari food recommendations and he said, “Oh my god, I can just keep going on and on and on.” Little did he know that this was exactly what we wanted!

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Did you know there is a dedicated museum for utensils by Chef Vikas at Manipal Academy of Higher Education? Watch this entire episode to know more.

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