Viral Video: Woman Tastes Homemade Jam Made By Her Grandmother In 1996; Her Reaction Is…

A video of a woman eating jam made long back in the year 1996 goes viral on Instagram.

by Shreya Ghosh
Viral Video: Woman Tastes Homemade Jam Made By Her Grandmother In 1996; Her Reaction Is…

Nani ke ghar is one of the first things that comes to our minds when we think about our childhood memories and loads of good food that we relished, especially during our holidays. Not just for foodie stories, many of us enjoyed visiting to grandparents’ houses to find lots of old things, that we generally do not see everywhere. In a recent viral video, a woman was seen trying a jam that was 27 years old made by her grandmother.

This Woman Tried Homemade Jam Made In 1996

Taking to Instagram, Georgiana | London Life (@hrhgeorgiana) shared her experiences of trying almost 3 decades-old homemade jam.

Georgiana found a small mason jar of homemade jam in her grandparents’ cellar in Germany. As mentioned on the label, the jam was made over 27 years ago. Seeing the year, her family members warned her from tasting it but she thought of giving it a go. “Everyone in my family has told me not to try it but you only live once and I am curious”, shared the content creator.

Well, Georgiana was not the only one who dared to taste the jam sitting on the shelf for more than 27 years. She also tagged in her brother and cousin on this journey of trying homemade jam prepared by their grandmother in 1996. The jar was filled with homemade apple jelly with calvados and their reactions to trying it were interesting.

Georgiana shared how the jam actually tasted good and a lot like apple jelly. Hilariously, one of them asked if there was any virus from 1996 lurking inside the bottle of jam. Well, looks like the jam did not infect anyone as the content creator shared an update after 3 days of tasting the jam. “It is now 3 days after filming the video and I can confirm I am still alive”, she shared.

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What Do Netizens Think Of The Viral Video?

Picture credit- Instagram/ Georgiana | London Life (@hrhgeorgiana)

Instagrammers have commented on the viral video sharing their interest in eating the jam from 1996. They are very impressed seeing how nicely the bottle was sealed and it was very hard to open it. “This is the coolest thing”, commented a user. Another user wrote, “Grandma is a canning expert”.

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Would you like to try this jam made in 1996?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Georgiana | London Life (@hrhgeorgiana)

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