From Orange Juice Espresso To Homemade Orange Barfi, Here Are 6 Viral Ways People Are Using Oranges

People have been air-frying orange slices and it is not just for decorations.

by Ankita Mazumdar
From Orange Juice Espresso To Homemade Orange Barfi, Here Are 6 Viral Ways People Are Using Oranges

The Internet is a funny place to be. One day, bizarro pani puri cake videos go viral and the next day, tomato ice cream makes the rounds. On top of this, the comment section remains divided. While some find it completely delicious just by looking at the viral video, the rest of them express their disbelief. Today, I am going to talk about some of these viral videos. The main ingredient is orange and surprisingly, people do incorporate it into many food items. Orange, you’re glad I didn’t say banana!

Check Out These 6 Viral Ways People Are Consuming Oranges On The Internet

1. Orange Juice Espresso

This recipe went viral on TikTok, as people who love orange juice and coffee could have their favourite drinks in one go. People love to enjoy quick and easy stuff, so why not combine it? Netizens had split reactions but some tried it and it is safe to say that someone brewed a good one with the experimentation of orange juice espresso! This concoction perfectly counterbalances orange juice’s acidity and sweetness with the bitterness of espresso. Will this be your morning shot from now on?

2. Homemade Orange Barfi


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On Instagram, pawar_omkar posted a video making orange barfi from scratch, which has gathered thousands of views and likes. The video is a wholesome one to watch, as he did everything from scratch, right from taking the pulp from oranges to decorating it. All you need is oranges, orange zest, milk solids or khoya, sugar, desiccated coconut, and some orange food colouring to give that vibrant colour. Watch the entire video to learn it.

3. Coca-Cola Salad With Orange Jell-o

This one is shocking for everyone because the ingredients and the combination are out of this world. Honestly, this dish should also stay out of the world. A user on X (formally known as Twitter) had posted a picture from a cookbook recipe and it was of Coco Cola Salad. It is a mind and taste-bending salad because the ingredients listed were orange jello, Coca-Cola, cream cheese, and nuts. Nothing more, that’s it. What is more cringe-worthy is the preparation, which mentions adding everything, topping it off with a boiling Coca-Cola and then refrigerating it. I am going to leave it at that.

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4. Homemade Orange Marmalade

This one is a favourite for many during the winter! As a kid, I used to eat a spoonful of marmalade and it is almost nostalgic now. Rahul Gandhi shared a sweet video just before ringing into this new year on YouTube with his mum, Sonia Gandhi, titled ‘Mum, Memories and Marmalade’. The video shows how they pluck cherry oranges from their tree, wash them, cut them, and separate the pulp from the peels to finally put them in jars. It is actually Priyanka Gandhi’s recipe and they are implementing it. While oranges are in season, you must make it with your mum as well.

5. Choco-Orange Cake

Do you like to have cakes? No, we are not judging you if you eat the whole cake by yourself! This zesty and chocolatey cake is easy to make with just a cake mix, orange soda and its extracts. The best part is that you can make it without an oven and eggs. Just a simple 3 ingredient cake!

6. Air-Fried Oranges

Another user on Tiktok went viral for posting a video of a recipe for air-fried oranges-cum-dessert. Just before this, you read about a real cake; now this is an orange cake made directly from orange slices. You cut it into slices, remove the peels, season them with cinnamon and maple syrup, and then air fry it for a couple of minutes. It doesn’t stop here; you add yoghurt to each slice, add another, and top it off with granola.

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I am aware these are trendy recipes but let us know in the comments which one you would like to prepare.

Happy orang-ing!

Cover Image Credits: Instagram/pawar_omkar

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