Easy 6 Winter Pickles To Make From Orange Peel Pickle To Garlic Pickle, Make 6 Winter Pickles At Home

Winter is here and so is the season of pickles!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Easy 6 Winter Pickles To Make From Orange Peel Pickle To Garlic Pickle, Make 6 Winter Pickles At Home

Winter pickles or achaars are a staple in every household in India. Gobi paranthas with a dollop of pickles is a perfect meal during the winter. Even warm steamed rice with a simple daal can be elevated with a spoonful of pickles. Winters mean loads of veggies in the market. These veggies get turned into pickles because Vitamin C is crucial during winter and pickles become a source of it.

Make These 6 Easy Winter Pickles At Home

1. Orange Peel Pickle

This is a new one, right? We know orange peels are used in many ways and pickle wasn’t one of them, until now. It is a citrus fruit and full of Vitamin C, so after finishing the fruit, don’t throw away the peels. We will make a pickle out of it as it is also full of antioxidants with high fibre content. You just have to combine peels, tamarind and jaggery with a handful of seasonings.

2. Garlic Pickle

Garlic pickle, commonly known as lahsun ka achaar is a very tasty winter pickle that can easily elevate your daal chawal. The key is to use the peeled garlic in oil with a bunch of spices to make it spicy. That garlic taste and when the spice level of garlic crosses the spice of chili powder, uff just heaven. You will surely have garlic-y breath but it is worth it!

3. Ginger Pickle

How can we forget ginger pickle, after garlic pickle? Another simple winter pickle recipe where you have to prepare a brine and dunk the ginger shavings or pieces in it. These brine pickles are ready within 24 hours and you get to relish it just as your excitement is still bubbling. When you eat a ginger pickle, it also helps to change your taste palette. You can use this for Korean dishes as well. It’s a win-win situation!

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4. Amla Pickle

Amla is Indian gooseberry, another popular winter pickle that is easily made at home. It is a tangy one and not many like this, you have to acquire a taste to like amla achaar. Just like the previous ones you have to stir fry amla and add a lot of spices like fenugreek seeds, yellow mustard, black pepper, asafoetida, and more. Generally, it is advised to eat amla regularly during the winter season, another reason to make it.

5. Carrot Pickle

This one is loved by all and is commonly known as gajar ka achaar. Every time you eat chhole bhatura, you are served a couple of gajar ka achar. Just when you take a perfect bite of your hot bhature with chhole and bite on that achaar…how does it feel to experience heaven? You can easily make a little piece of this heaven. The ingredients are basic spices and carrots. Thats it. Watch the video to learn and you are good to go.

6. Mixed Vegetable Pickle

Last but not least, it is a very easy peasy lemon squeezy pickle. A little bit of everything is a mixed pickle. Take whatever veggie you want to make a pickle with and temper it well with the basic spices and dung a huge amount of vinegar. You can take radishes, carrots, chilies, cauliflowers, ginger, garlic and more. Customize it however you like it and enjoy a great batch of mixed pickles.

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Whether you are simply making pickles in under 10 minutes or buying store-bought ones, enjoying a spoonful of your favourite pickle with your meal during winter hits differently.

Cover Image Credits: Canva

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