Visit The Bungalow-Turned-Cafe In Pune

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Visit The Bungalow-Turned-Cafe In Pune

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Bibliophiles and foodies, there’s a paradise for you all in Pune called the Cafe Kathaa that promises you good food and a good read.

What Is It?

Cafe Kathaa in Pune is a famous haunt for all college students and who are looking to satiate a quick hunger pang who’d enjoy a good read with their amazing food. Located on FC Road, it is a charming place where you can relax amidst the soothing ambience and a good collection of books. The cafe has lots of outdoor space and beautifully done up interiors to chill with your friends and bask in the winter sun.


What’s In It?

Books, coffee and a soothing ambience, what else do you need on a hectic day to calm your soul and spend some alone time? Cafe Kathaa gives you all of that and more. Grab a healthy bite from their well-curated menu, gorge on dishes like Risotto, Dessert Pizza which includes a pizza base with apple crumble and caramelized apples, ginger and mozzarella with dusted powdered sugar. This is served with spicy fries to combine sweet and spicy flavours.


The cafe has cosy corners to snuggle in one and indulge in book reading while sipping on a hot cup of coffee, and if you’re struggling to find a book, they even have kindles on the tables for the tech-savvy people. It even makes for a perfect spot for all the writers or freelancers looking for a space to let their creativity flow. The cafe comes with a good internet connectivity so you can work in an absolutely peaceful environment.

Get yourself a hot cup of tea or coffee and make your lazy afternoons a refreshing one to get those perfect wintery feels!


Address: Cafe Kathaa, Fc Road, Pune
Phone: 020 71967451
Cost for two: ₹550