Visiting Prague? Head To Old Town Square’s Christmas Market For Cinderella’s 50th Anniversary Themed Fair

by Tejashee Kashyap
Visiting Prague? Head To Old Town Square’s Christmas Market For Cinderella’s 50th Anniversary Themed Fair

As winter descends upon the charming city of Prague, the heart of its historical centre, the Old Town Square, undergoes a stunning transformation into a festive wonderland. The Old Town Square Christmas Market, a beloved annual tradition, draws locals and visitors alike into its magical embrace.

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The festivities are centred on the Old Town Square, endowed with rich centuries of history. Wander among charming wooden stalls decorated with ornaments, homemade souvenirs, and traditional crafts. The market has a mouthwatering assortment of Czech and foreign goodies, which range from savoury regional cuisine to well-known trdelník pastries.

Customary booths display a variety of regional handicrafts and holiday treasures. Find puppets, finely embroidered lace, and hand-blown glass ornaments. The air gives you enticing smells of sweet dumplings, garlicky cheese flatbread, and sizzling Czech sausages. Live performances and musical entertainment take centre stage, contributing to the joyous atmosphere.

The vibrant ambience is enhanced with outstanding performers and local bands. Moreover, they spread festive cheer throughout the marketplaces. Prague’s Christmas markets mix modern workmanship alongside centuries-old customs. Stalls that skillfully combine the allure of traditional Czech handicrafts with contemporary design are available for visitors to peruse.

This year’s Old Town market will have a Cinderella theme in honour of the 50th anniversary of the film Three Wishes for Cinderella, which premiered in 1973. Cinderella’s fairy tale is an intrinsic element of the Christmas ambience in Czech homes. Hence, this year’s anniversary finds itself in the Christmas theme.

The tree will light up every half hour between 4:30 and 9:30 p.m., with animation matched to Karel Svoboda’s film score. During the holiday season, five-meter candles will illuminate the observation bridge. They even have an envelope-shaped photo point in the square that will reflect fulfilled wishes.

Moreover, the tree has 60 gigantic 2D Christmas stars, 3D printed from recyclable plastic. It gives a unique touch. The tree is adorned with red and gold balls and sparkles with 11 kilometres of light cables and 100,000 LED lamps.

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Europe’s Christmas Market Are A Place To Be Now!


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Europe’s Christmas markets, with their centuries-old traditions and enchanting atmospheres, captivate the hearts of locals and visitors alike, turning the festive season into a time of wonder and joy. Over the centuries, these markets evolved into something much more profound—a celebration of Christmas that now extends across Europe, from the grand boulevards of Paris to the charming squares of Prague and the historic lanes of Vienna.

The charm of Europe’s Christmas markets extends beyond the larger cities to smaller towns and villages, where the intimate settings create an even more enchanting experience. In these quaint locales, the markets become a focal point for community gatherings, strengthening the bonds between neighbours and generations. The simplicity and authenticity of these smaller markets evoke a sense of nostalgia. They take you back to a time when the holiday season was celebrated with a genuine spirit of togetherness.

Europe’s Christmas markets offer an immersive and unforgettable experience. So be sure to visit one if you’re in Europe.

When: 2 December 2023 – 6 January 2024
Where: Prague’s Old Town Square

Cover image credits: Czech Tourism

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