Visiting The North East? Do Not Miss Meghalaya’s Underrated Village, Nongjrong! Here’s What You Can Explore

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Visiting The North East? Do Not Miss Meghalaya’s Underrated Village, Nongjrong! Here’s What You Can Explore

Are you planning a trip to India’s north-east? Looking for something hidden or underrated? Well, here we have a suggestion! A hidden treasure in the East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya, India, Nongjrong Village It is situated in Mawkynrew Tehsil. For individuals seeking to escape the bustle of the city and fully immerse themselves in the environment and culture, this charming village surrounded by verdant hills and shimmering streams is the ideal place. 

Do Not Miss Meghalaya’s Underrated Village, Nongjrong

The settlement is encircled by dazzling streams, immaculate waterfalls, and verdant hills. It is fondly known as the village above the clouds because of its location. The residents of the village continue to uphold its unique cultural heritage. The hamlet is renowned for its age-old traditions, rituals, celebrations, and activities, all of which are worthwhile to take part in.

1. Viewpoint

The focal point of Nongjrong hamlet, which is undoubtedly well-known for its magnificent sunrises, is the lookout. You may watch the crack of dawn from what is truly heaven on earth. This viewpoint is located atop the village’s hill, and as soon as you get there, you’ll feel at ease and be treated to a breathtaking view of the mountains that almost seem to hover above the clouds.

2. Nongkhnum Island

One of India’s biggest river islands, Nongkhnum Island offers tranquil surroundings and stunning views. The island is the perfect place for a leisurely picnic, hiking, and camping because it is tucked away between the serene waters of the Kynshi River.

3. Dawki

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A little village close to Nongjrong, Dawki is well-known for its pristine waterways. The Umngot River at this location is so transparent that you can see the riverbed even at great depth. It is essential to take a boat trip on Umngot, which offers an amazing experience.

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4. Krang Suri Waterfall

Credits: Pixahive

The Krang Suri Waterfall is surrounded by thick trees and is quite breathtaking. Natural pools created by the cascading streams are ideal for a cool swim and some peaceful time spent in the great outdoors. It has a distinct appearance from the cliff-hugging plunge falls seen in Southern Meghalaya. Suddenly, a calm river plunges, forming a water curtain that cascades over a cave.

5. Nohkalikai Falls

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

It is imperative to visit the renowned Nohkalikai Falls while in Nongjrong. One of India’s tallest waterfalls, it plunges from a dizzying height and is a captivating sight during the rainy season. Rainwater collected on the top of a very small plateau feeds Nohkalikai Falls, which loses strength during the dry season. There’s a plunge pool beneath the falls, and the water has an odd green tint. 

6. Nongthymmai Eco Park

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

With sweeping vistas of the surrounding hills and forests, this eco park is a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts. The park is a great place to go hiking and birdwatching. It is 3 km from Cherrapunji Bus Stand and surrounded by Bangladesh’s unique Sylheti meadows and the magnificent Seven Sister waterfalls.  (As per Liamtra)

Best Time To Visit

Although it can be very cold in the village during the winter months of December and January, this is the best time to visit and take part in the town’s customary celebrations and events. In addition, visitors can take in the village’s traditional music and dances, which play a significant role in the village’s culture at this time.

All things considered, October to May are the ideal months to visit Nongjrong Village because of the good weather and peak natural beauty of the village.

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