Vizag Airport’s Main Runway Will Be Closed For Flight Operation For 5 Months! Details Inside.

by Shreya Rathod
Vizag Airport’s Main Runway Will Be Closed For Flight Operation For 5 Months! Details Inside.

Indian Navy authorities decided to not allow flight services at the Visakhapatnam International Airport. The reason behind this is the ongoing resurfacing work on the main runway, from November onwards. This has affected the flow of tourists and frequent flyers from different parts of the country to the city. Here are the details of flight operations at the Vizag Airport.

Vizag Airport To Shut Flight Operations At Night!

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Also known as INS Dega, the airport is actually a civil enclave within the naval air base that is part of Eastern Naval Command (ENC), which has been permitting civilian commercial aircraft in addition to military aircraft to fly there during regular business hours.

Capt. Sanjeev K. Agnihotri, Commander of INS Dega, sent a letter to the airport director of Visakhapatnam Airport on July 26. It stated that it was proposed to close down the main runway for night operations, from 9 pm to 8 am the next day, with effect from November 15 until the end of March 2024 because it was rescheduled to undergo resurfacing.

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The primary runway is now being used by civil aircraft throughout the day, and as a result of the most recent decision by the Naval authorities, it won’t be open to civilian aircraft for nearly half a day. A coordination meeting with airline operators was held at INS Dega on July 25, according to Captain Agnihotri, and the relevant representatives were informed of the project’s specifics.

Airlines Have Acknowledged The Modified Timetable

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He further stated that the airline operators have acknowledged the modified timetable. Additionally, a message has been forwarded to every airline operator so they can arrange their winter schedule appropriately.

The Andhra Pradesh Air Travellers Association (APATA) voiced its disapproval of the Naval authorities’ choice. The largest and most populated city in Andhra Pradesh is Visakhapatnam. It is the ninth wealthiest city in the nation and is rapidly expanding as a business centre. Currently, it is being discussed as the state’s executive capital, according to association vice president O Naresh Kumar.

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According to him, the decision will have an impact on the operation of close to 12 flights, including Scoot Airways’ sole international flight to Singapore.

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