Walking Down Mumbai’s Grant Road Will Be More Fun As It Converts Into A Heritage Walk Site For Tourists

by Tania Tarafdar
Walking Down Mumbai’s Grant Road Will Be More Fun As It Converts Into A Heritage Walk Site For Tourists

Mumbai’s Grant Road will soon be converted into a Heritage Walk site which means that walking down the iconic road will now be ten times more fun. The Heritage Walk Project has been initiated in the quest to boost tourism in the city by BMC. The BMC plans to modify the one-kilometer-long stretch from Pandita Ramabai Marg to August Kranti Maidan. 

Grant Road Will Get Cobblestone Roads & Heritage Lamps

The facelift of the Grant Road will include cobblestone road, installation of heritage lamps, and beautification of road dividers. Once the work is complete, BMC plans to commission tour guides with for the Heritage Walk. They are also planning to create murals of Mahatma Gandhi on a wall, and a small gate outside Mani Bhavan. BMC will also rope in organisations, who organise heritage walks on the weekends.

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The Grant Road Covers Many Historical Spots

The Grant Road stretch covers spots like Mani Bhavan, August Kranti Maidan, Pandita Ramabai Girls Hostel, Arya Samaj Mahila Hostel, and St Columba High School. Notably, Mahatma Gandhi issued the Quit India speech in1942 at Kranti Maidan. Similarly, Mani Bhavan which was once the centre point of all the political activities in Mumbai has now been turned into a museum.

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Meanwhile, The BMC administration has signed a memorandum with the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) for opening the historic BMC headquarters in South Mumbai to tourists. Thackeray took to Twitter, stating, “Tourism Dept- MTDC and @mybmc signed an MoU today for BMC HQ to open its doors to tourists on weekends in a few months’ time. It’s a building that’s always captured my imagination and awestruck millions like me.” In another tweet, he stated, “I’m sure that not just tourists, but many Mumbaikars would also love to see the building of the BMC HQ, the way Mumbai is run from in here and seek inspiration from the historic figures that built the city from here.” Also, Maharashtra has issued some new guidelines for guided tours.