Wanna Catch Snow In South India? Head To This Hidden Gem In Andhra Pradesh

by Tejashee Kashyap
Wanna Catch Snow In South India? Head To This Hidden Gem In Andhra Pradesh

South India is adored for various reasons, including its illustrious Dravidian heritage, stunning coastlines, and mouthwatering food. Snow, however, is something one never connects to south India. Yet it’s not always hot and dry in South India! In Andhra Pradesh, in the hamlet of Lambasingi, you could be lucky enough to see a dusting of snow.

What Makes Lambasingi Special?

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Lambasingi is the only area in the southern region to get snowfall, with picturesque valleys and chilly weather. This foggy hill resort in Visakhapatnam’s Chintapalli town is often referred to as the Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh level and is perched at a height of 1000 metres above sea level. Another name for Lambasingi is Korra Bayalu, which translates as ‘if someone stays out in the open at night, by morning they would freeze like a stick’.

The winter months may see lows of -2 °C. Throughout the year, the place is shrouded in an ethereal white mist that whirls and drifts with the wind, but from November to January, when the temperature drops below zero degrees Celsius, there are occasional snowfalls. Temperature does not go below 0° C every year, but when it does, Lambasingi gets an all-white snowy cover

It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and dense forests, and the climate is typically cool and pleasant throughout the year. During winter, the temperature can drop to sub-zero levels, and the village is covered in a blanket of snow, which makes it a popular destination for tourists.

Apart from its scenic beauty, Lambasingi is also known for its coffee plantations and apple orchards. It is also home to an isolated tribal community that works at the pepper and coffee plantations.

Things To Do In Lambasingi

The place is filled with many tourist attractions as well. Kothapalli Waterfalls will make you realise the beauty and power of nature. The waterfall cascades over a series of rocks and plunges into a pool. It’s also a popular picnic spot for locals and visitors.

On your way to Lambasingi, you’ll be greeted with a stunning vista of a yellow and black susan flower garden. Wait for the sunset views, when the sky becomes incredibly colourful and the surroundings become even more stunning. Here, the scenery is more than simply picture-perfect.

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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How To Reach Lambasingi

The nearest International airport is Visakhapatnam Airport, which is 115 km away from Lambasingi. However, one can also reach by rail by taking a direct train to Anakapalle which is 72 km away. The place is well connected to all other cities and towns by road.

So, when are you heading to Lambasingi?

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