Want FREE Subway Sandwiches For Life? Fulfil This Unique Condition And You May Just Get It

by Tooba Shaikh
Want FREE Subway Sandwiches For Life? Fulfil This Unique Condition And You May Just Get It

Subway is a famous sandwich chain that offers some relatively healthier options when it comes to fast food. Recently, it has come up with a unique offer. If you’re a Subway superfan who would love a lifetime of free Subway sandwiches, then this is your time to shine! Here is how you can win a lifetime of free Subway sandwiches! But… there is a catch! You have to fulfil this unique condition!

Win Free Subway Sandwiches By Fulfilling This Request

Of course, when the prize is as big as winning a lifetime of free sandwiches, then the condition would be equally hard to fulfil. But not for Subway superfans! To win this particular offer, you have to legally change your first name to ‘Subway.’

In a Subway statement cited by an article recently published by India Today, contestants need to log on to SubwayNameChange.com and register for the contest. They can do so from the 1st of August to the 4th of August. One lucky winner will be selected for the Subway Deli Heroes by the organisation.

The winner will have to commit to changing their legal names and the legal fees for the name-changing will also be borne by the company! So if free sandwiches are what you’re looking for, then you know how to achieve your goal!

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Change Your First Name To Subway & Win This Offer

free Subway sandwiches
Image Credits: Canva Images (Representational)

Subway recently made headlines for its unique advertisement which hilariously plays upon dealing with the abundance (and confusion) of choice at their outlets. Even when it comes to offers, this name-changing campaign is not the first time it has come up with an interesting offer.

Some time ago, it launched a contest for free subway sandwiches for a year. In order to win this offer, people would have to get tattooed. However, this tattoo would have to be a foot long which is the size of their sandwiches. This contest was won by a guy called James Kunz.

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Would you change your name for a lifetime of free Subway sandwiches? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: Canva Images (Representational)