Want To Travel To China? India-China Direct Flights May Not Resume Soon

by Shreya Ghosh
Want To Travel To China? India-China Direct Flights May Not Resume Soon

Are you planning to take a trip to China anytime soon? If the answer is yes, then we have some crucial news to share with you. It has been a long time since direct flights between India and China took a halt. Ever since the first positive case of coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, direct flight services are disrupted. It started back in late 2019 and it is now October 2022. It has already been almost 3 years and direct flight services do not seem to resume anytime soon.

Direct Flights Between India-China Unlikely To Resume


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Direct flight services between India and China were rampant before any coronavirus cases were reported. And after 3 years, the resumption of regular flights on this route is very unlikely at the moment. The disruption of travelling between India and China is turning out to be a massive problem for Indians who are either studying in China or working there. There are thousands of Indian students who are pursuing their education in China.

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They returned back to India during the pandemic and now are unable to go back to their colleges because of these issues. In fact, many business people need to travel to this country and this disruption of direct flights is a problem for them as well. An important point to note here is that Beijing has lifted the visa ban recently.

Everyone Is Trying Hard To Return Back

With the urgency to travel back to China, the demand for tickets is skyrocketing. Many students returned to their colleges through the third country routes such as Hong Kong. Hong Kong has good connectivity with India and people can travel to their cities from there. Other countries the Indian passengers are travelling to return to China are Myanmar, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

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China is allowing flight facilities from only a few countries at the moment. But they will put a pause on the services for some time in those countries if passengers are found testing positive for coronavirus after arriving in Chinese airports.

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