Watch: American Airlines Staff Mishandles A Wheelchair While Offloading It. Netizens React!

A video surfaced on the Internet where a American Airlines staff member was seen mishandling a wheelchair. Look!

by Shreya Rathod
Watch: American Airlines Staff Mishandles A Wheelchair While Offloading It. Netizens React!

We only know the service side of airlines, however, do you know what goes on in the backdrop? There are various things from on-loading and offloading the luggage of passengers, to cleaning and refilling products on the flight. A video has been circulating where you can see a staff member of American Airlines mishandling a wheelchair.

American Airlines Staff Was Caught Mishandling A Wheelchair

Social media users are outraged after seeing a video of an American Airlines employee removing a wheelchair from a passenger on a plane go viral. After being released on TikTok at first, the video circulated to other websites. The staffer is seen in the unsettling video carelessly throwing a passenger’s wheelchair down a ramp.

The video was shared on X by Becca Peter and she wrote that wheelchair users have been striving for a very long time to bring attention to the terrible effects that wheelchair breaks frequently throughout flights have on them.

A wheelchair is released from a staff member and rolls down a jet ramp, colliding with a metal barrier before being picked up by another staff member, as seen in the now-viral video.

Following the video’s widespread social media exposure, an airline representative spoke with HuffPost. He stated that they understand how crucial it is to maintain their clients’ independence by taking good care of their mobility aids during their time with them. They are obtaining additional information on this really alarming image so that their team can solve the issues.

The 19th Secretary of Transportation of the United States was even drawn to the video. This is completely unacceptable, he wrote in his tweet reply. We are going to investigate. We are acting to safeguard wheelchair-using travellers precisely for this reason. Everyone is entitled to a dignified and safe travel experience.

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Netizens React To This Behaviour Of Airline Staff

A person comments, ‘Not a defence, but you couldn’t stop it with your hand since it was moving too quickly’. At this, the user replied, ‘It was always supposed to be taken down the steps rather than going down that ramp.’

Another user asked, ‘All right, so what are they meant to do? When it’s sliding so quickly, they are unable to catch it and take it down the stairs.’

And Becca Peter replied, ‘You could see how effortlessly he lifted the wheelchair onto the cart; unlike some wheelchairs, this one wasn’t too heavy. And they were able to carry it down the steps. Alternatively, you can slide it down the ramp on its side to slow its descent. Furthermore, drop it down the ramp using a rope.’

A user commented, ‘Custom wheelchairs are quite costly and take a very long time to arrive. Ordering one can take anything from six months to a year to arrive. Only about every five years is one covered by insurance. You can’t just pick one up at Walmart. These are people’s limbs! Handle them in that manner.’

Another person wrote, ‘I suppose I should give flying on American Airlines another thought. I wonder whether wheelchairs are treated similarly by other airlines?’

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Cover Image Courtesy: Becca Peter/ X (Formerly, Twitter)

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