Watch: Street Vendor Sells Loose Maggi On An Open Cart; Netizens Call It, “Cancer Ka Thela”

Netizens are quite surprised to see loose Maggi being sold on an open cart.

by Shreya Ghosh
Watch: Street Vendor Sells Loose Maggi On An Open Cart; Netizens Call It, “Cancer Ka Thela”

Raise your hands if you love to eat Maggi! Well, who doesn’t, right? From evening hunger pangs to midnight cravings for snacks, these humble instant noodles have always been a forever favourite for most people. All these times we have seen Maggi being sold in yellow packets but we recently found a video of loose Maggi getting sold in a street stall. Surprising, right?

Vendor Sells Loose Maggi On A Street Cart!

Taking to Instagram, CHATORE_BROOTHERS (@chatore_broothers) shared the viral video of Maggi sold on an open cart.

In the last couple of years, we have seen hundreds of recipes and dishes made using these instant noodles. From making laddoo with Maggi to adding milk to the noodles to even making a milkshake using it, most of such recipes are simply bizarre and surely kill our love for the yummy noodles.

This time, we just came across something new and never seen before. This reel shared on Instagram shows how a street vendor sells crushed noodles. The cart on the street is filled with heaps of crushed Maggi. Firstly, the seller takes a weighing bowl and adds loads of noodles. Next, he weighs it and then adds some sachets of masala. Lastly, he pours everything into a plastic bag and sells it to customers.

These days, anything and everything is available at roadside shops. From clothes to food to home decor to even fancy things, street markets are huge fad. In the chaos of street shops, I personally never found someone selling loose Maggi. Have you seen something like this before?

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Here’s What Netizens Have To Say

Loose Maggi
Picture credit- Instagram/ CHATORE_BROOTHERS (@chatore_broothers)

Shared just 5 days back, the Instagram reel garnered massive views and comments from Netizens. It already has over 740K likes with thousands of reactions and comments from Netizens. Most Instagrammers are not in favour of purchasing Maggi from such shops in this way. Many have pointed out the issues of not maintaining hygiene in this cart. Someone even mentioned how these are actually expired packets of Maggi noodles.

An Instagrammer commented how this is “Factory ka waste hai ye”. A comment read, “Beware.. expired Maggie”. Someone wrote, “Dust flavour is free”.

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Will you ever purchase Maggi from such places?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ CHATORE_BROOTHERS (@chatore_broothers)

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