Watch Video: Passenger Finds An Insect In Air India Business Class In-Flight Meal

by Shreya Ghosh
Watch Video: Passenger Finds An Insect In Air India Business Class In-Flight Meal

It has been quite some time since Air India is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. So many passengers have had unpleasant experiences while flying with the airline and a new day came with such a bad flying experience once again. A passenger was flying with Air India in business class on Monday and he found something very disgusting in his in-flight meal. What really happened? Let’s find that out!

This Passenger Found An Insect In His Air India In-Flight Meal. YUCK!!!

A passenger was travelling to Chennai from Mumbai on the business class of this airline. And while eating his meal, he spotted an insect running over his food. He took to Twitter to share a video of the unhygienic experience. Check out the video here.

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Mahavir Jain is the passenger and he shared how his meal in business class was served without proper hygiene. He also mentioned that he was flying on the Air India AI671 flight from Mumbai to Chennai and his seat number was 2C.

The Airline Also Replied To His Tweet

Soon after, Air India responded to the tweet and apologised for the unpleasant experience. You can check out the airline’s tweet here.

The airline also asked for all his flight details such as date of travel, seat number, and flight details so that they can highlight the matter to their catering team for immediate review and action.

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Unfortunately, this is not the only bad experience that any passenger faced on Monday. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor shared on Twitter how he became disappointed with the meal that he was served in-flight while he was flying from Nagpur to Mumbai. The renowned chef got Cold Chicken Tikka with watermelon, cucumber, tomato, and sev. The airline also served him a Sandwich with a minuscule filling of chopped cabbage with mayo. And for the dessert, he received a sugar syrup sponge painted with sweetened cream & yellow glaze.

After Sanjeev Kapoor lashed out at the airline, some Twitter users reacted to the tweet and talked about their experiences. While some had good flying experiences, others had not-so-memorable journeys.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Mahavir jain @mbj114