9 Ways To Celebrate Diwali In A Socially-Distanced Way

Diwali Socially-Distanced
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 523

Diwali is here, but the arrival of the festival isn’t exciting us like the other years, and the coronavirus pandemic is to be blamed. This Diwali we will miss getting together with siblings, teasing each other, indulging in harmless teen pattis, holding up multiple sparklers in the air, visiting colourful melas and whatnot. But it is not very fair to remain heartbroken on the occasion of Diwali. So, cheer up guys! We can still celebrate Diwali in socially-distanced ways and here are a few of them:

1. Throw A Virtual Party With Relatives

As stepping out and meeting relatives is not safe this year, you can surely organise a virtual party via video conferencing apps like Zoom call. Coming together digitally, you can talk for hours, play games, share thoughts and do whatever makes you happy. You can decorate your house and give your friends and relatives a house tour too, virtually.

Diwali Socially-Distanced

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2. Shop Online And Dress Up In The Best Ethnic Attires

Numerous online shopping sites are rolling out amazing pre-Diwali offers. You can search from thousands of options and pick up a gorgeous ethnic wear of your choice to doll up at home this Diwali. As when you look good, you automatically feel good. Dress up and decorate your home with diyas, and in this way, you won’t even miss out on the vibe of Diwali.

Diwali Socially-Distanced

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3. Get More Creative In Decking Up Your Home

This year, since we will probably be spending the maximum time at home, we can come up with new ideas to decorate our homes in ways as creative as possible. You can also search for blogs and videos on the internet to get new DIY decorative ideas.

Diwali Socially-Distanced

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4. Prepare Sweets And Other Dishes At Home

Get all your family members together and prepare some delicious sweets like laddo, rabri and more this Diwali. You can also bring out the Masterchef in you to prepare some delicious main course dishes and have a restaurant-style luncheon or dinner at home.

5.  Do A Car Caravan

You can decorate your car and take a ride with your family through the illuminated streets and greet friends and relatives from the car. A car caravan will let you have a city tour, and you’ll also not miss out on meeting your favourite people. Ain’t that a great idea?

Diwali Socially-Distanced

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6. Set Up An Indoor Romantic Dinner

If you’re spending Diwali with your bae or better half, you can set up a romantic dinner at home. A rooftop setting can also be made. To make the dinner memorable, couple it up with some swanky champagne or wine.

Diwali Socially-Distanced

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7. Log In For Gifting

You can get gifts delivered to your friends and relatives through swift online delivery services like Swiggy Genie. There are many online portals where you can get mind-boggling Diwali gifts like IGP.com, Oye Happy, The Messy Corner and Archies. You can also send epic Diwali boxes to your loved ones from Puppet On the Boat portal.

8. Post Pictures On Social Media

Click as many pictures as you can in your best attires and flood your social media feed with them. You’ll end up getting likes, comments and interacting with loads of people virtually. And next year, when the pictures will pop up suddenly in the ‘memories’ section of your Facebook, they will automatically bring a smile on your face.

Diwali Socially-Distanced

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9. Do Namaste To Greet Neighbours And Other People You Meet

When you come across people on Diwali, refrain from greeting them in the ways that involve touching. Instead, greet them with a smile and a humble namaste. That’s a socially-distanced yet traditional way of greeting others.

Diwali Socially-Distanced

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Reminder: Don’t Bring Your Sanitizer Near Fire

This is one of the most important points to take into account ahead of Diwali. Do not bring your sanitizer near the fire. Instead of sanitising hands before lighting up diyas and candles, wash your hands with water and soap. Sanitizers are inflammable and can cause fire accidents. These are the few things you need to keep in mind to make your Diwali safe, hygienic and socially-distanced. Meanwhile, here’s how Kamiya Jani is celebrating Diwali with her daughter Ziana:





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