4 Ways To Deep Clean And Disinfect Your Travel Luggage

by Sanjana Shenoy
4 Ways To Deep Clean And Disinfect Your Travel Luggage

In these times of coronavirus, sanitation and hygiene are really crucial to our safety. Even if you haven’t travelled recently, it can be quite difficult to ensure your luggage is totally clean. Think of all the surfaces your suitcase touched or will touch when you travel next. The airport and airline staff might handle it. It’s exposed to airport germs. And sometimes you might even tug it to the restroom. Before you unleash your inner germaphobe, let’s help you out. Leslie Reichert, the founder and owner of Green Cleaning Coach has revealed her top cleaning tips for both soft surfaced and hard-surfaced luggage. The cleaning expert reveals tips for you to deep clean and disinfect your luggage the next time you travel.

1. Disinfect Thoroughly Both Inside And Outside

You can use a disinfectant like a hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol for both your soft or hard suitcase. Leslie Reichert advises people to wipe down the entire suitcase with the disinfectant. She advises people to fill a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide. Then spray liberally on hard-faced suitcase. If you have a fabric surfaced luggage, then you must use a light mist. She also recommends filling a spray bottle to just about 60 per cent. Then add water to it. This solution will also help you to get rid of harmful bacteria or viruses on your luggage.

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2. Remove Stains, Spills & Scuff Marks

Now let’s get to the pesky stains. If you have fabric bags then you definitely face the issue of staining. It can be quite a task to de-stain it after a spill. As reported, Reichert reveals that stains on soft fabric surfaces can be dabbed or sprayed with hydrogen peroxide. She advises people to let the stains sprayed with hydrogen peroxide sit overnight. For grease-based stains on fabric suitcases, she advises the rubbing of alcohol or diluted dishwashing agent.

She notes that adding few teaspoons of rubbing alcohol to a diluted dish soap and water mixture will lift the dirt. And the alcohol can cut through the grade. For hard surfaced suitcases, stains can be dodged. But for scuff marks, she advises people to use a tennis ball or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sponge. Apart from cleaning hacks, we have some packing hacks for you too.

3. Deodorize Your Luggage If It Has A Bad Odour

If your luggage has an awful odour which has been picked over time, then there are quick fixes for it. For odour, Reichert explains that all you got to do is sprinkle baking soda inside the luggage. Then let it rest stay for a few days to absorb the foul smell. You can also use linen spray. Prepare this by mixing witch hazel and a few drops of essential oil. As per reports, Reichertadvises people to spray this inside the suitcase. And it will smell refreshing and ready for use the next time you travel. And if you’re wondering when you can travel next, the India and South Asia CEO of Oyo states travel business will revive in the next 6 to 12 months.  

4. Isolate Your Suitcase to Prevent Contamination & Clean It Thoroughly Later In Case You Fear Getting Bed Bugs

Sometimes you return back from your travels with the fear of bringing home lice or bed bugs in your suitcase. For this, Reichert explains that you must put your suitcase in a trash bag for 48 hours. Do this to prevent contamination. After 48 hours, wash it thoroughly inside and out with warm and soapy water. The cleaning expert advises people to then spray their luggage with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol.
So these are some of the ways you can deep clean and disinfect your suitcase the next time you plan to travel, or you return back from travelling. And if you’re wondering where you can travel and you can’t then Google Maps will help you with travel-related restrictions.