We Explored The The Art of Bead Jewellry In Madhya Pradesh

by Tania Tarafdar

In the remotest places, you find the most beautiful things. Jhabua and its bead jewellry are no different. In the last episode of MP Ki Galliyon Mein MP Ki Kahaaniyan, we go to the rural part of the state – the district of Jhabua which is famous for the art of bead jewellery. We walk through the village where the artisans make these jewelry, witness the craft, and try to give it a shot ourselves. Beadwork is a craft that is practiced by many tribes across the world and is an expression of their colorful culture. We learn about the craft, how it has passed from generation to generation, especially from a 100-year-old woman who has overseen the craft practiced by three generations, and how the bead jewelry is making its way to the contemporary fashion market. When you come to Madhya Pradesh do not miss out on the bead jewellery. You’ll love it, we promise.