We Played ‘This Or That’ Game With Ashneer Grover. And, It Was Fun And Insightful

Ashneer Grover had to choose between Money and Fame.

by Ankita Mazumdar
We Played ‘This Or That’ Game With Ashneer Grover. And, It Was Fun And Insightful

On this episode of Sunday Brunch, our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, met with one of the richest entrepreneurs to own a residence at The Camellias Gurugram. It was none other than Ashneer Grover! He is a former Shark Tank India Season 1 judge and ex-co-founder of BharatPe. In this episode, they spoke about tax-saving techniques, ‘doglapan’, his life in Mumbai and more. Watch the video to learn some tricks to save some taxes.

We Discovered These Things About Ashneer Grover Through ‘This Or That’ Game

Just as the Sunday Brunch-ing section of the episode started, Ashneer and Kamiya gorged on yummy chaats, gol gappes, burrata, and more food items. Next, they played the ‘This or That’ Game. The game started with the basic question, Delhi or Mumbai, and he naturally picked Delhi. Next, we asked him to choose between chole kulche or chole bhature and he chose the former.

He is known to have fancy and luxurious cars. So it was only right to ask him to choose between Porsche and Maybach. He accepted that it was a difficult choice but if there were two people, he would choose Porsche, and if more, Maybach. Let’s not forget that he owns both of these cars and can follow what he just mentioned!

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Next, Kamiya asked Ashneer to choose between fine dining and street food and he shared that he would choose to enjoy street food during the day and fine dining during the night. Upon asking whether a stable job is better or an unstable startup, he replied, “An unstable startup is good.” Then, he chose Instagram for social media over X (formerly known as Twitter).

Kamiya gave him the choice between a Ladakh bike trip or a European road trip and he happily chose the latter one. Then we asked him if he preferred Shark Tank International over the Indian one and he went with Shark Tank India because he was a judge on it. Lastly, we asked him to choose between money and fame, and he was quick to pick money.

He Is Neither A Morning Person Or A Night Person

Ashneer Grover
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People often ask whether you are a morning person or a night person and we did exactly that with Ashneer Grover. It turns out he is neither! He said that he is an afternoon person. He explained that when he is travelling, he prefers to do so between noon and 8 pm. He shared that he would never go out exploring places at 7 in the morning or at 11 at night. That is indeed good reasoning.

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Comment and tell us if you are a morning person, a night person or an afternoon person.

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