Now You Can Sell Your Wedding Tickets To Foreign Tourists

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Now You Can Sell Your Wedding Tickets To Foreign Tourists

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Indians can now sell tickets to their wedding to foreign tourists and earn some extra cash through this start-up called Join My Wedding.

What Is It?

Join My Wedding is a start up that helps you sell tickets to your wedding to foreign tourists for them to enjoy all the ceremonies performed at Indian weddings.

What’s In It?

The start-up calls itself as ‘the ultimate cultural immersion’ program which offers Indian couples to allow foreign tourists to join their wedding and enjoy the ceremonies.

To sell tickets, couples can register on the site and interest tourists will approach them. Before the deal is done, the couple and tourists are made to interact with each other so that they get familiar with all the requisite details.

The major amount of the ticket goes to the couple while the company retains its share as well. Though it’s a start-up it has provided many foreign tourists a chance to attend the extravaganza that Indian weddings are and has added more happiness and fun to both parties.


To know more about the company and become a host click here.