Weekend’s Calling You To Udaipur For Luxurious Retreat In Nature At This Pretty Resort

Vatsalya Vihar Udaipur
by Mallika Khurana 153

Travel plans and long weekends go together like peaches and cream! It’s time to select upscale experiences that satisfy your desire to unwind in the great outdoors and keep you feeling refreshed all year long. You will undoubtedly fall in love with Udaipur’s Vatsalya Vihar. It is definitely a lovely place. 

Vatsalya Vihar For A Luxurious Vacation

Vatsalya Vihar, located in Udaipur, is a novel hospitality concept that elevates the luxury resort vacation experience by giving guests a highly individualised and exclusive experience. The resort is an oasis in the countryside of Udaipur, surrounded by the Aravali hills and spread over ten acres of lush greenery. It has a rare foliage of more than 1,000 trees. 

More than a thousand fruit and other trees line the 10 acres of land that make up the property. In order to ensure that the quality of the facilities, amenities, and services provided at the property is not compromised, the founders carefully limited their offerings to just five opulent villas and two opulent super luxury suites. This was done with the intention of giving their guests the best possible luxury experience. 

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A Home-Like Feel With Lavish Amenities

The retreat’s chefs take great pride in serving farm-to-table meals made with locally-grown produce. Every dish, whether vegetarian or not, is freshly prepared without the use of pre-made gravies. They use a walk-in kitchen format to provide guests with hospitable service that feels like home. Visitors are welcome to enter, mingle with the kitchen staff, request special dietary needs, and even try their hand at cooking to relieve stress if they so choose. 

How about a fun road trip to Udaipur with your significant other or some friends? Indulge in the mouthwatering regional chaats and mithais, or visit forts and wildlife sanctuaries, among the many things to do in the city. Additionally, staying at Vatsalya Vihar is unquestionably delightful. Beautiful villas and suites  on the property have a wide range of recreational activities available, such as cycling, playing games, and visiting restorative spas.

So, when do you plan to visit them for a luxurious staycation?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Vatsalya Vihar