Lava Idli Has Pani Puri Filled With Sambhar In It & Foodies Can’t Digest This!

Lava Idli
by Sanjana Shenoy 180

Food trends never seem to get old. Netizens, food bloggers and street vendors all have a slice of the food trend cake. And they can’t have enough of it. The humble South Indian healthy breakfast snack, idli, is one of the most experimented dishes on the Internet. From chocolate-filled idlis, blue idlis made with butterfly pea flowers to whatnot, the list is endless. And now, there is a new lava idli trending online. What’s it made of?  Just read on to decide whether you should get a bite of this or not.

The Internet Has A New Lava Idli Recipe

Twitterati, @TurtleQuants posted a video of the lava idli recipe. The Twitterati in his caption mentions that whoever has done this atrocity to idli deserves the highest punishment. He calls this injustice to both idli and golgappa. How is golgappa involved in an idli dish? Let’s fill you in right away. 

In the recipe video, a food blogger first fills idli batter into muffin cups. Then, goes on to poke holes into pani puris and fills them with sambhar. Next, the blogger places the pani puris filled with sambhar inside the idli batter-filled cups. Then, covers the pani puri with a piece of crispy pani puri. And finally, adds another layer of idli batter. Next, the blogger places the mixture into an idli steamer and steams it.

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Netizens Say They Wouldn’t Wish This On Their Worst Enemy

The result? It’s an idli shaped like a volcano. And when you slice it right in the middle, hot orange-hued sambhar oozes out like lava. A bizarre idli-pani puri dish is what you’d get in the end. Do you approve of it? Let’s look at what Netizens had to say. And the result doesn’t look so good. One Netizen commented that they wouldn’t wish this lava idli even on their worst enemy. Another one quipped that it’s like sh*t rolling out. While another social media user stated that something died inside her.

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Well, what do you think about this lava idli? Would you be able to make or even digest this bizarre fusion dish?

Cover Image Courtesy: @TurtleQuants/ Twitter