Weight Check! Not Only Air New Zealand, But Now Korean Air Will Weigh Passengers Too

by Mallika Khurana
Weight Check! Not Only Air New Zealand, But Now Korean Air Will Weigh Passengers Too

In an unprecedented move, airlines are taking flight safety to new heights by considering a rather unconventional measure. Now, passengers will be asked to weigh themselves before boarding. Recently, South Korea’s leading airline, Korean Air, announced its intention to join the ranks of carriers globally in this unique practice. As part of an effort to enhance flight safety, the airline will be measuring the average weight of passengers along with their carry-on items. 

Korean Air Introduces Passenger Weight Checks

Korean airline
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

As per the reports from the Independent, this development comes in the wake of similar measures introduced in countries like New Zealand. This new approach underscores the industry’s relentless commitment to ensuring the safety and stability of flight operations. On its website, Korean Air cited “flight safety” as the primary motivation behind this new practice.

Apparently, this move is not entirely unprecedented.  New Zealand’s Air New Zealand used similar measures earlier this year. They requested more than 10,000 passengers to weigh themselves prior to boarding. Now, South Korea’s two major airports—Gimpo Airport (from August 28 to September 6) and Incheon International Airport (from September 8 to September 19)—will witness this unique procedure in action.

As per the reports from NDTV, the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation has endorsed this approach to enhance “Aircraft Weight and Balance Management Standards.” The ministry maintains that these measures are essential for ensuring the safety and stability of flight operations. Reactions to this novel practice have been mixed, with concerns raised over privacy implications.

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The Airline Promises To Prioritise Privacy

Airline will weigh passengers
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Korean Air has reassured passengers that their privacy will be upheld, as the data collected will remain anonymous. It will be used solely for survey purposes. Passengers will also have the option to decline the weighing if they wish. As per the reports from NDTV, the airline has clarified that this process will not lead to extra charges for overweight individuals. This initiative highlights the airline industry’s dedication to flight safety, utilizing innovative methods to ensure the optimal balance and stability of their aircraft.

In an evolving aviation landscape, the concept of weighing passengers before boarding adds a new dimension to the priority of flight safety.

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