WFH, Hybrid Model Helped Improve Bengaluru’s Air Quality

by Vinita Jain
WFH, Hybrid Model Helped Improve Bengaluru’s Air Quality

Pandemic lockdowns have surely taught us that we can be productive in our homes as well. We don’t need to be physically present in the office to get things done. Also, the lockdown gave us a chance to spend some quality time with our family. In fact, the lockdown was even considerate of our environment in the air quality. Because when maximum people were under house arrest, travel was almost banned, and the minimal use of vehicles cause less air pollution.

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Traffic Causes Pollution In Bengaluru

A report released by Greenpeace India showed that as the COVID restrictions were applied in Bangalore the air quality index improved. Greenpeace India Society provides pre-pandemic, lockdown, and post-lockdown air quality indices for five areas in Bengaluru with severe traffic congestion during rush hour: MG Road, Silk Board Junction, BTM Layout, Bapujiji Nagar, and Tin Factory.

AQI Level During Lockdown

However, according to Google Traffic Trends, these regions saw a 60% drop in traffic during the lockdown. The AQI index parameters showed that contamination before the COVID the contamination levels were 95 units and they dropped to 63 units during the lockdown.

AQI Level After Lockdown

Contamination reached pre-pandemic levels by October 2020 after lockdowns were lifted. Mobility has increased by 35%, largely due to his declining COVID-19 cases, and Diwali and Dussehra were also celebrated during that month.

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WFH, Hybrid Model

Now that the pandemic is over, most companies are ditching their employees for working from home and encouraging them to return to the office. But, some companies offer flexible working options to their employees. This means you can work from home or the office for a certain number of days.

Avinash Kumar Chanchal, Campaign Manager at Greenpeace India said, “With this report, we aim to shine a spotlight on the significant role those big employers can play on the city’s air quality by introducing employee-friendly flexible work policies.”

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