Drink 20 Varieties Of Tender Coconut Shakes Served In Shells At This Bengaluru Eatery

by Sanjana Shenoy 4767

If there’s one drink that’s as refreshing, cooling and almost as healthy as water, it’s got to be coconut water or nariyal pani. You spot a tender coconut vendor by the roadside, ask him to give you pani wala or malai wala coconut, and patiently wait for him to cut it, poke a straw and hand it over to you. The anticipation to quench your thirst with this instant refreshment is as calming as actually drinking it. Well, Bengalureans, there’s a new tender coconut paradise in town, Yelneer Katte, nestled in Basavanagudi. Sip refreshing tender coconut shakes here topped with dry fruits and ice creams. The best part? It’s served in coconut shells.

Tender Coconut Shakes With Fruits, Veggies, Dry Fruits & Goodness

Walk down the bustling Gandhi Bazaar in Basavanagudi, and you’d spot a charming juice shop with a striking green board. A brightly lit picture of a green tender coconut welcoming you will instantly draw your attention. That’s Yelneer Katte or Tender Coconut Square. Just as its name, get ready to feast your eyes and state your cravings for all things tender coconut. While you’ve had plenty of tender coconut water on the beaches or by the roads on a hot day, tender coconut shakes is something you must surely try. And at Yelneer Katte, you can choose from over 20 varieties of tender coconut shakes topped with fruits, veggies, dry fruits and ice cream. This eco-friendly shop also serves you these shakes in coconut shells and hands you a spoon made from the husk. Now, that’s healthy and eco-friendly, right?

Picture Credits: Facebook/ Yelneer Katte

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Choose From Over 20 Varieties Of Tender Coconut Shakes

When in Yelneer Katte, you will be spoilt for choice, and even go coconuts choosing from a large variety of options. The menu here is divided into 3 categories to give you a better picture. For the health freaks, there’s the ‘Joy for Health’ costing ₹70 for a shake. This category of shakes are prepared with tender coconut, fruits and veggies. You can choose between healthy Beetroot Coconut Shake, Guava Coconut Shake and even Dry Fruit Shake to name a few. The next category is ‘We Sip We Eat’ for ₹85 per shake. These natural coconut shakes are made with ice creams and crunchy dry fruits. Ice Cream lovers can have the best of both worlds, shakes and ice creams. Enjoy your coconut shakes with a choice of chocolate, mango, or butterscotch ice creams.

Picture Credits: Facebook/ Yelneer Katte

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The final category, ‘A Rich Tummy Full’ offers coconut shakes with ice cream topped with fresh fruits and nuts. It’s almost like having fruit salad with ice cream coupled with milkshakes. This will be like enjoying a wholesome dessert with your family after a light meal. These milkshakes cost ₹90, but since it’s like having a wholesome treat, it’s worth it. Enjoy Kesar Pista Coconut Shake with Tutti Frutti Ice Cream and Musk Melon Coconut Shake with Vanilla Ice Cream. If you’re a tad bit confused on where to start your refreshing journey, then do try the Katte Special. This is just a natural coconut shake with energetic dry fruits. The small pieces of tender coconut chunks and crunch dry fruits will leave you nourished.

Picture Credits: Facebook/ Yelneer Katte

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 Shakes Are Served In Coconut Shells & Offered With Eco-Friendly Spoons

One of the ultimate highlights of sipping tender coconut water is the joy of standing by the roadside and quenching your thirst with the healthy and pocket-friendly drink. Yelneer Katte takes the same concept and elevates it to another level. While the shakes sound super exotic almost like a liquid dessert thanks to its fruits, dry fruits and ice cream choices, the serving is simple and eco-friendly. All the shakes are filled to the brim in tender coconut shells and handed to customers with eco-friendly spoons. It’s a joy to stand on the footpath of the bustling Gandhi Bazaar, watch life pass by as you tuck into your coconut shell filled with goodness. The drinks are thick, creamy, fruity topped with sweet, crunchy surprises.

Picture Credits: Facebook/ Yelneer Katte

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It’s definitely the need of the hour to energise your body with healthy food and beverages. Moreover, it’s necessary to opt for eateries and juice shops that follow eco-friendly concepts. Yelneer Katte, is the perfect ode to India’s favourite, tender coconut. While you’ve tried the usual nariyal pani, do give these fruity tender coconut shakes a try. Meanwhile, Bengaluru has another eco-friendly juice bar called Eat Raja in Malleshwaram, so check this place out.