6 Scenic Beaches That Are Just A Road Trip Away From Bangalore

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 3051

The Garden City of Bangalore has everything. Lush green parks, clear blue lakes, sunset points, bustling restaurant and pub scene, and amazing weather. But the one thing Bangalore doesn’t have is beaches. Bangaloreans often end up craving for soft white sand beaches to witness stunning sunsets and create heartwarming memories. Well, Bangalore may not have beaches, but there is no dearth of beaches in Karnataka. So, here are 6 scenic beaches that are just a stunning road trip away from Bangalore.

1. Tannirbhavi Beach

Situated around 7 hours away from Bangalore in the coastal city of Mangalore, lies Tannirbhavi Beach. Feel the soft golden sand and the gentle breeze blowing down from the Arabian sea here. Witness ships over 15 years old and take a relaxing stroll here with your loved ones. The best part about Tannirbhavi Beach is that it’s located inside the Tannirbhavi Tree Park.  This tree park houses plans and trees of herbal and medicinal nature. There is also a lifelike statue of people educating you about forest culture.

beaches near bangalore

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2. Karwar Beach

Karwar beach is nestled 9 hours away from Bangalore. This charming coastal town has a few museums and restaurants offering authentic Karwar seafood dishes. This beach is quite secluded and it’s a great place to let your hair down. There are plenty of secluded beaches apart from the Karwar beach. Karwar is a beach paradise. Moreover, after a long road trip from Bangalore, you have many resorts, hotel and homestay options to rest for the night.

beaches near bangalore

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3. Gokarna Beach

The party paradise of Goa has a calmer, serene competition and that’s Karnataka’s Gokarna. Blessed with gorgeous beaches and stunning natural beauty, Gokarna is a beach lover’s dream. Drive down an overnight journey from Bangalore to visit the Gokarna beach. This beach is very popular and a hotspot for adventure enthusiasts. It’s one of the only beaches near Bangalore that offers you a thrilling surfing experience.

beaches near bangalore

Picture Credits: Cocopelli Surf School/ Red Bull

4. Surathkal Beach

If you’re a beach lover who wants a trip down nostalgia, then there can’t be a better beach than Surathkal beach. An 8-hour drive away from Bangalore, Surathkal Beach is everything clean, peaceful and dreamy. Sit for hours watching the waves crash by, build sandcastles, collect seashells and breathe in the familiar salty sea breeze. Surathkal Beach is one of the most loved beaches near Bangalore and it’s frequently visited cyclists or devotees heading to the nearby Sadashiva temple.

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5. Murudeshwar Beach

Named after the Hindu God, Lord Shiva, Murudeshwar is nestled in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. The temple town of Murudeshwar is famous for housing the second tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the world. So, visiting Murudeshwar Beach is truly a blessing and a breathtaking sight to witness the majestic, yet serene statue of Lord Shiva by the stunning beach. Drive down around 9 hours away from Bangalore and make an entire road trip out of your beach visit.

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6. Om Beach

Another scenic beach you can visit in Karnataka is Gokarna’s iconic Om beach. This beach is called “Om” due to its 2 semi crescents like shape. Om beach offers adventure enthusiasts a basket of crazy adventure sports like jet skiing, surfing and banana boating. The long drive of 488km to Gokarna from Bangalore is truly worth it to spend oodles of time just relaxing by the beach and catching the sunset.

beaches near bangalore

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Beach lovers, these are 6 gorgeous beaches which are just a few road trips away from Bangalore. They offer you sun, sand, waters, adventure activities and much more.

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