“What A Pathetic Existence,” Feels Kenny Sebastian About White People Who’ve Never Had Pani Puri, Biryani…

Comedian Kenny Sebastian says after travelling to many countries abroad, he feels Indian food is simply the best.

by Tashika Tyagi
“What A Pathetic Existence,” Feels Kenny Sebastian About White People Who’ve Never Had Pani Puri, Biryani…

Indian food is simply the best. That’s not even a debate. The diverse range of regional cuisines and flavours here can hardly be found anywhere else in the world! And it’s not just us who believe it! Comedian Kenny Sebastian recently sat down for an interview and expressed his love for Indian cuisine. He went as far as saying he feels bad for foreigners who still haven’t experienced the beauty of Indian food. Here’s what Kenny had to say about Indian food and the best things he has tried when he’s travelling abroad.

Nothing Compares To The Flavours Of Indian Food For Kenny Sebastian


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Kenny Sebastian recently sat down for an interview with Chalchitra Talks on YouTube. In this long interview, Kenny talked about his career, music, movies, and a lot more. But what caught our attention was Kenny’s love for Indian food! During the interview, he was asked for some food recommendations. Let’s just say it opened the Pandora box for the comedian! In his hot take, Kenny said that it is a “blessing for us to be born in India.”

pani puri
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He further elaborated his point and said, as Indians, we are blessed to have dishes like biryani, dosa, ras malai, gajar ka halwa, tandoori chicken, laal maas, and kheer – all in one lifetime! He then talked about home-cooked meals and also the art of roti-making. In his own words, “Every naan is like a fingerprint, it’s that unique!”

In typical Kenny Sebastian style, he talked about Indian food and how incredible it is. He gave an example of a random Swiss man who lives and dies without experiencing the flavours of pani puri, bhel puri, biryani, or dosa. He went as far as saying, “What a pathetic existence that must be!”

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“Had Some Of The Best Pasta, Pizza & Burgers In India,” Says Kenny

Kenny Sebastian
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During the interview, Kenny Sebastian said that he has travelled to various countries for his tour and had the chance to try some amazing food. However, he feels that he has had some of the best pasta, pizza, and burgers right here in Mumbai and Bengaluru. He hilariously said that Indian chefs can make some of the yummiest pasta with their eyes closed!

Well, we might sound biased but Indian food flavours are simply unmatchable! From texture and spices to aftertaste and overall goodness, nothing compares to the flavours of Indian food. What is your favourite Indian dish that you cannot live without? Let us know in the comments!

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