What Is The Green Substance Oozing Out Of Sewers In New York City?

by Sanjana Shenoy
What Is The Green Substance Oozing Out Of Sewers In New York City?

New Yorkers are currently in a tizzy wondering if their city is all set to turn into a real-life comic book scene or a superhero movie. That’s because there’s fluorescent green substance oozing out of sewers in New York City. We kid you not, it resembles a Spiderman vs Green Goblin showdown that just happened or the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles are all set to arrive any moment. Read on to know what is the green substance that’s puzzling New Yorkers and why it oozing out of drains in the city.

Green Substance Oozes Out Of Drains In New York City

Dan Pantelo, took to his X account to share videos and photos of green slime oozing out of drains in New York. In one picture, you can see the white smoke and green slime coming out of the drains. Mind you, it’s a fluorescent green colour, so bright that it’s unmissable! It will definitely remind you of the green smoke and theatrics emitted by Green Goblin, just before he makes a menacing entry in the Spiderman movies and comics.

In another update, the X user mentions that the green substance is still there. While some people just casually walk past it, others gather around and stare at it for a while. Dan Pantelo also shared a video and asked Netizens if anyone could explain to him what is happening in the city or sarcastically asked if they are living in a full-blown Gotham city. Sewers near the sidewalk continue to emit the unusual green substance. He was consumed with thoughts about it and he told Netizens the green slime doesn’t have any smell, just the striking green shade.

Now, before you call the Ghostbusters, let’s bust down all the myths, scares and conspiracy theories running on your mind. Firstly, New York City is not under any threat of alien invasion or Green Goblin. Secondly, you don’t need to speed-dial superheroes or put out Bat signals, yet! X moderators attached a context box below Dan’s post. This context box explained the reason behind the green slime oozing out of sewer drains.

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Here’s The Reason Behind This

The context box states that the green substance is nothing but water filled with green dye. Plumbers often use this fluorescent green dye to identify any leaks that may have happened in plumbing and sewage systems. Do keep in mind that this green-dyed water is harmless. It doesn’t contain toxins or any harmful chemicals. Moreover, you’ll also find the box directing you to a Wikipedia page to know more about “dye tracing”.

Meanwhile, let’s bombard you with hilarious memes, comments and opinions shared by Netizens about the green substance oozing out of New York City drains.


Now that you know the reason behind the green substance bubbling up from drains near the World Trade Centre, do you feel more at ease? Or are you curious to check it out for yourself?  Do let us in if you have any hilarious comments about this comic book-like scene.

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Cover Image Courtesy: @danpantelo/ X

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