While Delhi Is Engulfed In Smog, These Old Pics Of Pollution-Free Delhi Are Striking A Chord With Netizens

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
While Delhi Is Engulfed In Smog, These Old Pics Of Pollution-Free Delhi Are Striking A Chord With Netizens

At 4 PM on Sunday, November 5, Delhi’s average air quality index (AQI) was 454 out of 500, placing the city in the “severe plus” category. It was reported to be 440 on Monday at 7 a.m. An optimal AQI is less than 50, which is considered to be healthy. Amidst all the smog chaos, pictures of old Delhi from the 40’s and 50’s surfaced on the internet, and they are striking a chord with netizens.

Old Pics Of Pollution-Free Delhi On The Internet

Looking at the current situation of the world with phenomena like global warming, we all wish to sit in a time machine and go back to the old days. The days when we did not even know what pollution was, when we did not need masks to roam around, nor did we have to check AQI to decide whether to leave the house or not.

Little did we know what the future had in store for us. With frequent earthquakes, floods, heatwaves, and more, we would have never let anything change. Well, all these talks surely sound completely imaginary; they are, but isn’t it all we think of at least once a day?

While everyone is talking about how Delhi is completely engulfed in smog, old pictures of Delhi surfaced on the internet. The pictures showed the national capital city from the 1940s and 1950s. Delhi was then completely pollution-free, with no smog and clean air.

Though most of the pictures are black and white, you can completely tell that those were surely the best times.

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Netizens Share Pictures

As the old pictures of Delhi with no smog and pure air surfaced on X (formerly Twitter), they went viral in no time. The pictures featured people riding bicycles in the early morning, with some wearing shawls, indicating it’s a winter morning picture.

Another picture features a beautiful blue sky with white clouds and beautiful buildings around. There are no automobiles, and people can be seen riding bicycles only.

Netizens were completely blown away by the pictures. Some of them wished to travel back in time, while others shared present-day pictures of Delhi. People tried comparing the pictures, and one of them said that using bicycles for commuting is why they lived in pure, clean air.

Some tried identifying the places featured in the pictures. One identified the place as Delhi’s Indraprastha, and others identified the iconic Parliament House.

Air quality remained in the “severe category” as a heavy blanket of poisonous haze enveloped New Delhi. According to research from Swiss Group IQAir, Delhi became one of the most polluted cities in the world today, along with Mumbai and Kolkata.

At early morning on Monday, New Delhi topped the real-time list once more with an AQI of 483. 

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Cover Image Courtesy: @DexterClassic/X (formerly Twitter)

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