Why Is Mexico’s Tourist Train Project Sparking Controversy?

Environmentalists and activists are concerned about the construction of this tourist train project.

by Shreya Ghosh
Why Is Mexico’s Tourist Train Project Sparking Controversy?

Mexico is known globally for its breathtaking natural beauty, spectacular travel experiences, and of course the gastronomic feast of authentic delicacies. Every year, lakhs of tourists flock to this country to explore scenic destinations and enjoy a lovely holiday. To offer something extraordinary, memorable, and unique, a unique tourism train project has been launched in Mexico. But now, it looks like it can be a major risk for nature.

Mexico’s Tourist Train Project Is Now The Talk Of The Town

Mexico Tourist Train Project
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This tourist development has been regarded as the world’s greatest construction in the world. According to a report by BBC, it has also been considered a one-of-a-kind journey to witness the historical Maya sites in this nation. From plans to massive aims, this is a hopeful project but still, there are too many conversations and opinions circulating all around about Train Maya.

One of Mexico’s most iconic natural allure to witness is cenotes. There are about 2,4000 of these in the Yucatan Peninsula. For most travellers, a trip to this beautiful country is simply incomplete without swimming in the pristine waters and soaking in the serenity surrounding them. However, now the construction of the tourist train project is becoming a major concern for environmentalists. To make the development a success, the construction is being organised inside a cave in Riviera Maya.

According to many campaigners, this infrastructural project is turning out to be a threat to the ecosystem in Mexico. To install everything and carry forward the construction, the workers are breaking, drilling, and piercing the cave and these steps are causing all the controversy around how the project can be dangerous for nature.

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What Do The Activists Think of This?

Mexico Tourist Train Project
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Mexico’s tourist train project has been termed an ‘ecocide’ by many activists, according to a report by Hindustan Times. They stated about the cutting of around 8.7 million trees and its severe impact on the underground ecosystem. Also, they added that the construction project does not have enough environmental impact studies.

The government is taking some necessary steps in this regard. Among many steps, the government has worked on 9 protected natural areas for 5 train sections.

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What are your views on Mexico’s tourist train project?

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