Why Is Newspaper Used For Wrapping And Storing Food A Dangerous Mistake?

by Shreya Ghosh

We often see food vendors serving food items to customers in newspapers. Not just to serve, but people also use pieces of newspaper to wrap and pack different food as well. Newspapers are massively used for different purposes related to food not just in India but in different places. But is it really a convenient choice when it comes to food? Let’s get to know all about the usage and its impacts.

It’s Time To Bid Adieu To Newspapers For Storing & Wrapping Food!


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Newspapers are not just kept here and there in open spaces without any proper care or shelter. It is true that dust settles on the pieces of paper and that can contaminate the food served on it. But the germs and dust from outside are not the only concerning reason here. A lot of ink is used to print papers and this is the biggest reason for fear to deal with right now. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) talked about the harmful effects of the ink and mentioned the risk of foodborne diseases in a directive.

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FSSAI has asked everyone to avoid using newspapers immediately for wrapping, serving, and packing food, according to a report by the Indian Express. People have been using these printed papers for storing food for a long time. But why is everyone getting concerned about it now?

Why Is Ink Harmful To Our Health?


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G Kamala Vardhana Rao, the FSSAI CEO talked about the harsh effects of ink used in printing newspapers. It has different types of bioactive materials and are major cause behind many health issues. When all these get combined with our food and we consume them, we can fall sick and negatively impact our health.

Garima Goyal, a clinical dietitian shared that these might lead to stomach issues and food poisoning too. The alcohol, pigments, additives, dyes, and more used in making ink can cause digestion problems if ingested in a small quantity. Unfortunately, an excess consumption of newspaper ink can be terribly harmful and harm our health with cancer-related issues.

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Save yourself and others and stop using newspapers to pack food.

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