Win A Free Trip For 2 To Spain With Dineout App In 3 Easy Steps #FIFAFever

by Natasha Monteiro
Win A Free Trip For 2 To Spain With Dineout App In 3 Easy Steps #FIFAFever

Were your guesses for Portugal-Spain and Argentina-Croatia on point? Are you convinced that Cristiano Ronaldo will finally lift the cup for Portugal? Or are you betting on Messi? What if we tell you that all your right guesses can get you a trip for 2 to Spain or just unlimited money that you can spend at restaurants for a great meal! Oh, and you are not going to these restaurants alone! You get to chill with all your beer lovin’, football buddies for a sesh of football & a discounted bill of course! How is it possible, you ask? Read on!

What Is It?

Dineout has introduced Predict & Win – the perfect opportunity to make the football season unforgettable for those who couldn’t make it to Russia. Started on 14th June, Predict & Win is really as simple as it sounds. Simply make daily score predictions on Dineout & win daily Dineout Earnings. Every day you stand a chance to win up to Rs 2000! #Goals (pun intended). Take those accumulated earnings and redeem them at any of the top restaurants in your city!

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How To Play?

Enough of the jibber-jabber. The real question is how do you play? It’s really simple!

Step 1: Go to the Dineout app
Step 2: Predict correct scores
Step 3: Win earnings daily

Use the Dineout Earnings to pay up to 50% of your restaurant bill at a select listing of top restaurants in the city like Social Offline, TGI Friday, The Beer Cafe, Farzi Cafe, etc. What’s more? You can use your Dineout earnings to buy Gourmet Passport membership & enjoy 1+1 on food & drinks all year round. So play, earn and party; it’s that simple!

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Who Is This For?

This is for anybody who loves football, breathes football or just a food enthusiast who needs an excuse to get a discount on their bill!  

What About That Free Trip To Spain?

What’s the Mata guys, are you worried we’re Messi(ng) around with y’all? There really is a free trip for 2 to Spain, powered by Paytm flights. Just tune up your prediction powers and make sure you leave in your predictions daily! There’s a leader-board that’s updated daily on the app. Check your rating on that board and know your status! If you’re the top-scorer, we suggest you pack your bags!

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