With 120 Vendors, Delhi’s Central Vista To Have 6 Vending Zones

by Shreya Ghosh
With 120 Vendors, Delhi’s Central Vista To Have 6 Vending Zones

It has been as long as 20 months since the street vendors were removed from the India Gate area because of the redevelopment purpose for Delhi’s Central Vista. And finally, it is reopening very soon. The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) shared that they will let about 120 street vendors sell their food items such as ice candies and ice cream in Central vista and closer areas. The vendors are coming back once again after the redevelopment and this time, there are quite some strict rules to follow.

Delhi’s Central Vista Will Have Vending Zones With More Than 120 Vendors

The NDMC has already started issuing permits for these vendors. About 120 vendors are opening in the first phase of the project. It is mandatory for every vendor to take permits from the authorities. Also, this time the vendors will have specially earmarked vending zones. The biggest focus is on maintaining proper sanitation and strict enforcement will be taken in case of littering. The civic officials shared the strict rules.

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Picture Credits: Pexels

The India Gate area and its surroundings had over 200 vendors selling balloons, toys, cotton candy, ice cream, tea, and more before the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) started the process of redevelopment in 2018. And now the vendors will get vending zones in the Central vista where they can sell and do business. Post-redevelopment, the vendors cannot sell eatables on the lawns between Man Singh Road and C-Hexagon.

A senior official of the CPWD shared, ‘In each vending zone, there will be space for 40 vendors. But people can’t set up big carts here. These have to be people who have small set-ups. Street vendors will not be allowed to sell food in the front lawns between C-Hexagon and Man Singh Road’, as reported by the Hindustan Times.

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There Will Be A Limited Number Of Shops

A senior official stated that the process of accommodating vendors will start with 6 vending zones at first. Every vending zone will have 15 ice cream vans and 5 water vendors in the beginning.  From India Gate to Raisina Hill, it will have 90 ice cream trolleys and 30 water sellers. The civic authorities and the town vending committee will ensure the place and timing of these vendors.