With More Than 8 Lakh Passports Issued This Year, Punjabis Love To Travel Overseas

by Tejashee Kashyap
With More Than 8 Lakh Passports Issued This Year, Punjabis Love To Travel Overseas

In recent decades, Punjabis have gained international recognition for another remarkable achievement—their widespread and successful migration across the globe. According to passport statistics, Punjabis have maintained their interest in travelling abroad.

Punjabis Continue To Travel Abroad

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Punjabis have emerged as one of the most well-travelled and successful diaspora communities, leaving an indelible mark on every continent they touch. According to statistics, Punjabis have maintained their interest in travelling abroad. From January to November of this year, the Regional Passport Office in Chandigarh, which includes most of Punjab as well as Ambala in Haryana, issued almost 8 lakh passports. The figure is 80,000 higher than the prior year within the same period.

One of the key factors driving Punjabis to travel overseas is the pursuit of economic prosperity. Many Punjabis have established successful businesses in various fields, ranging from agriculture and retail to technology and healthcare.  According to an article by The New Indian Express, last month, the RPO issued 75,423 passports, the most in the country in a single month, followed by the RPOs in Mumbai and Bangalore. That equates to 2,514 passports issued per day, making the RPO the best performer in the country. According to sources, the Mumbai RPO issued approximately 73,000 passports, while the Bangalore RPO issued 72,000.

Canada, in particular, has become a second home for a large Punjabi diaspora. Cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Edmonton boast vibrant Punjabi communities, complete with gurdwaras, cultural centres, and businesses. Punjabi immigrants have made significant contributions to Canada’s cultural mosaic, enriching the nation with their traditions, cuisine, and festivals. The impact of Punjabi culture is evident in the popularity of bhangra music, traditional dance forms, and the widespread celebration of festivals. As Punjabis continue to travel the highest overseas, they have also enriched the world with the diversity of Punjabi culture.

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Passports Figures Continue To Grow

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Currently, the waiting period for an appointment to obtain a passport is 35 days on average for a regular appointment and the same day for a Tatkaal appointment. Appointment times have significantly decreased: in February, conventional appointments took 90 days, whereas Tatkaal appointments took 30 days. Due to the RPO’s daily 5,000 appointments for passports and other services, the current wait time is barely three days.

In recent years, India has witnessed a remarkable surge in the number of citizens applying for passports. This reflects a growing trend of global mobility, economic opportunities, and an increasing desire for international exploration. The desire to explore new cultures, pursue education abroad, and engage in international business opportunities has fueled this appetite for travel among Indians. Moreover, the aspiration for global exposure and a diverse academic experience is a driving force behind the growing number of young Indians applying for passports.

Additionally, as more nations open their doors to Indian travellers, the appeal of international travel grows, motivating a broader spectrum of the population to obtain passports. The exponential growth in Indian passport applications reflects a profound shift in the mindset of the country’s citizens.  This marks a new era of international engagement and exploration for our people.

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