Witness Sunrise-Sunset In Lakshadweep’s Agatti Island By Standing At The Same Spot 12 Hrs Later

Sooraj dooba hai yaaron do ghunt nashe ke maaro at Lakshadweep’s Agatti Island to enjoy gorgeous sunrise and sunset.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Witness Sunrise-Sunset In Lakshadweep’s Agatti Island By Standing At The Same Spot 12 Hrs Later

Lakshadweep’s tourism has been growing since our PM Modiji encouraged Indians to fly out to Lakshadweep. Have you seen the cerulean blue waters, how could we not? We are adding another interesting information that will make you book your flight tickets to Lakshadweep within the blink of an eye. Yes, we are pretty sure about it. There is an island in Lakshadweep where you can witness sunset and sunrise at the same spot, you just have to turn your head. This is not misleading information, you have to trust us. 

Enjoy Breath-Taking Sunrise-Sunset From The Same Spot In Lakshadweep’s Agatti Island

Lakshadweep is full of wonders and one such wonder has been uncovered by us. If you happen to be a lazy bum, this one is a gem for you!


  • Lakshadweep’s Agatti Island is just a tiny long island of 7.6 km. Yes, it is a thin island strip and that’s why I called it a tiny long island. This island houses around 7500+ humans and is rich in flora and fauna. It is famous for its marine life and archipelago’s only airstrip from where you get gorgeous views of the island and surroundings. 
  • Now, it is quite a small piece of land and if you wish to catch glimpses of sunrise-sunset from here, then read along.
  • All you have to do is, pick a spot and reach there for some of the best unobstructed views of the sunset. Enjoy the sky slowly getting filled with different colours of orange, red, pink, purple, and more. Witnessing the hues of each colour bleeding into each other is worth every single penny, especially when you are with your loved ones.
  • After the sun sets, you can go about your plans as usual. The next day, for sunrise, you have to run to the same spot where you caught the sunset, just in time for the sunrise. 
  • This time you have to just turn your head around and get immersed in the soft and pristine light of the first rays of sun. how cool is that? You don’t have to change your location to witness these gorgeous sunrise and sunsets of Lakshadweep at Agatti Island.

As of today, the sunrise time of Agatti Island is at 7:03 AM and the sunset is at 6:34 PM

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Popular And Fun Water Activities You Can Do Here

It’s an island, the beaches here are so beautiful and full of life. You can enjoy some of these water sports and pump up that adrenaline.

  • Scuba Diving – Lakshadweep has a very rich coral reef and scuba diving here to witness the great marine life and natural wonders of Agatti Island is a great experience. 
  • Sailing – if you don’t feel like having your ZNMD moment then, opt for a simple sailing experience. You get to enjoy the salty breeze, munch on fresh seafood, and click thousands of Instagram-worthy pictures; life is perfect.
  • Kayaking – Kayaking can be done and is super fun here, you should try it even if you don’t know how to kayak.

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So when will we catch you at the shore of Agatti Island? Don’t worry we will wave back! Get it?

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