Woman Ordered Sanitary Pads Online, Swiggy Team Sent Free Cookies Also With Warm Wishes

by Tooba Shaikh
Woman Ordered Sanitary Pads Online, Swiggy Team Sent Free Cookies Also With Warm Wishes

Periods are a tough time for people who menstruate. They are rife with discomfort, menstrual cramps and mood swings. During this time, many crave sweets, especially chocolate, since it alleviates pain and provides emotional comfort. This is almost common knowledge and Swiggy decided to act on it. This woman ordered sanitary napkins from Swiggy Instamart and received chocolate cookies absolutely free. If only everyone could be at the receiving end of such kindness.

Woman Receives Free Chocolate Cookies Along With Sanitary Napkin Order On Swiggy

The world can be a dark and cruel place. However, every so often, a sprinkle of kindness happens that almost blunts the cruelty of the world. Faith in humanity is restored, if only momentarily so. One such instance happened recently. A woman, presumably menstruating, placed an order for sanitary napkins using Swiggy, a food delivery platform which also offers same-day delivery services called Instamart.

The food delivery app, however, did more than just fulfilling the woman’s order. It also delivered along with it, a pack of chocolate cookies! The woman then took to Twitter and sent out a tweet to the Swiggy Team expressing her delight and inquiring whether it was done by Swiggy or by the shopkeeper from whose shop the sanitary napkins were ordered.

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The Team Responds With A Wholesome Reply

Soon after sending out this tweet, the Swiggy Team responded with a wholesome reply. Sameera, the woman who ordered the napkins, got a reply from the Swiggy Team saying “We just want you to have a pleasant day ahead, Sameera :)”.

This Twitter exchange went viral on the micro-blogging site as Netizens rushed to congratulate both Sameera and Swiggy on this wholesome exchange. Some responses even recounted their own pleasant experiences where they received free goods from their orders on Swiggy Instamart. Some even made jokes because this is the Internet and they won’t miss an opportunity to crack a joke. 

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Cover Image Credits: Unsplash