Woman Pilot’s Alertness Saves Clash Of 2 Vistara Flights At Delhi Airport; DGCA De-Rostered Controller

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Alertness is one of the main qualities that are important in a pilot, after all, the lives of hundreds of people are on their shoulders. Recently, a woman pilot saved the lives of hundreds of passengers at the Delhi airport with her alertness. The clash of two Vistara flights was avoided after the air traffic controller gave clearance to both flights to use the runway.

Woman Pilot’s Alertness Saves Clash Of 2 Vistara Flights At Delhi Airport

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A Vistara A320 flight from Ahmedabad to Delhi, according to sources, landed on Runway 29L just before 8:30 am on Wednesday and was told by a tower controller to cross Runway 29R. A flight from Delhi to Bagdogra was authorized to take off from Runway 29R at the same time.

The female pilot of the Vistara flight that had just landed noticed the Delhi-Bagdogra jet as it was getting ready to take off and informed air traffic control about it. 

The flight was getting ready to take off on a parallel runway. The flights combined 300 people altogether. The air traffic controller was later de-rostered, and an investigation has been initiated by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. (As per India Today) 

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The Planes Were Only 1.8 Km Away 

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the Vistara aircraft VTI926 had landed on Runway 29L and was given the instruction by ATC to cross Runway 29R in order to reach its parking bay.

However, the ATC representative instructed flight VTI725 to take off from Runway 29R after “momentarily forgetting” the instructions provided to VTI926. Upon detecting the mistake and acting on information from VTI926, the tower controller told VTI725 to cancel takeoff. 

The collision was prevented by 45-year-old Captain Sonu Gill of the Ahmedabad-Delhi flight.

Despite the fact that the planes were only 1.8 km, or 1,800 meters, apart, the sources emphasized that the outcome could have been disastrous if the pilot had not informed ATC of the presence of the second plane.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons