“Are We Ordering In Or Hooking Up?” Asks Vir Das Taking A Funny Dig At Zomato & Swiggy’s Notifications

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
“Are We Ordering In Or Hooking Up?” Asks Vir Das Taking A Funny Dig At Zomato & Swiggy’s Notifications

I am sure almost all of you have either Zomato or Swiggy applications on your mobile phone. Well, more than half of you might have both! You all must have seen the sweet little notifications that pop up on your mobile screen. Many times, these notifications feel like your date or love interest is texting you. Isn’t it? Well, actor/comedian Vir Das actually got confused and asked netizens, “Are we ordering in or hooking up?”.

“Are We Ordering In Or Hooking Up?” Asks Vir Das


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We have all received cute and sweet notifications from Zomato and Swiggy. These little, brief messages, sometimes less than a sentence, are very impactful. On salary day, you all must have seen it asking you to celebrate it or on random days asking you to relish your favorite teatime snacks.

Honestly, these messages or notifications are very clever and impressive. These notifications feel like the app itself is talking to you, posing as your friend sometimes and sometimes your love interest. Actor/comedian Vir Das asked the netizens about these notifications and questioned whether they were ordering food or hooking up.

He mentioned that these notifications are way more clingy than the messages sent to him by the ones he has ever dated. 

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Netizens Shared Their Fav Ones

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The notifications sent across during Valentine’s Day were the best to read. Especially all the singles actually did not feel sad on this day looking at other couples because they had Swiggy and Zomato sending them cute love messages.

The post by Vir Das has by far received more than 56,640 likes on Instagram. Netizens shared their favorite notifications from apps like Swiggy and Zomato.

One of the users also thanked Vir Das for mentioning this, as no one else talked about this cringiness. We also took a round of X (formerly known as Twitter) and gathered some more just for you! Check them out. 

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