Pondicherry Chef’s Filter Coffee Making Skills Go Viral; Netizens Concerned About Sugar Wastage

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Pondicherry Chef’s Filter Coffee Making Skills Go Viral; Netizens Concerned About Sugar Wastage

No matter which coffee you taste, nothing can match the amazing flavour and simplicity offered by filter coffee. It is a must-try beverage when one travels to the southern part of India. It is one beverage that is highly recommended. But sometimes the dish or the drink goes viral because of the skills it is prepared with more than the taste. Something similar happened with this filter coffee from Pondicherry’s coffee bar. 

Pondicherry Chef’s Filter Coffee Making Skills Go Viral

A video was shared on Instagram by @foodieaddict, run by a food blogger. The video featured filter coffee from a coffee bar in Pondicherry. This video is now viral on the internet. While you might be thinking that the reason behind its virality might be its taste, the real reason is the way this coffee is prepared by the chef. 

As the video begins, you can see a man dressed in the chef’s attire and 10 metal tumblers in the dabara saucer. The tumblers in the saucer are kept right in front of him in a triangular format. The chef suddenly adds sugar to all of these tumblers without even bending a bit. The next thing he does is add coffee to one of these tumblers from a good height. 

He then fills the tumbler with boiled water and begins juggling the coffee between the saucer and the tumbler. 

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Add Sweetness With Care

Credits: @foodieaddicts

The skills of the chef were completely eccentric and mind-blowing. From adding sugar to the tumblers to juggling the coffee, he did it all super smoothly.

Needless to say, the chef’s skills impressed people a lot, which is why the video went viral with 5 million views on Instagram. Many people showered the comments section with heart emojis and claps too. 

While people appreciated his skills, netizens were also concerned about the amount of sugar they witnessed in the video as the chef added sugar to the tumblers. Many said that he should have bent a bit while adding sugar. 

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Cover Image Courtesy: @foodieaddict/Instagram