Woman Reaches Foreign Country Without Passport; Jaate They Jacksonville, Pahuch Gaye Jamaica

by Shreya Ghosh
Woman Reaches Foreign Country Without Passport; Jaate They Jacksonville, Pahuch Gaye Jamaica

Our passport is the most essential official document to carry when we are crossing borders. We cannot even think of an international journey without a passport with us. Interestingly, a woman recently landed in a foreign destination, without her passport, that too without being aware of it. The aviation world is shocked to hear about such a massive mishap. What did really happen and how did she land in a different place? To know about the entire story, read on!

This Florida-Bound Passenger Reached Jamaica Without A Passport

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Ellis-Hebard boarded her flight from Philadelphia and her actual destination was Jacksonville in Florida. Instead of reaching her destination, the passenger landed in Jamaica in the Caribbean. According to a report by The Times Of India, the flyer stated that she did not have a passport with her when she landed in a foreign country. Not just that, Ellis also claimed that she was provided with wrong directions and this led her to land in Jamaica instead of Jacksonville.

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Ellis Was Flying With Frontier Airlines!

She shared that she takes flights between Philadelphia and Jacksonville in Florida very regularly as her second home is in Florida. According to a report by NY Post, she catches a flight between these two places once every six weeks. Just like the usual flight journey, she was on her way to reach her second home but the mistake turned the entire situation into a huge blooper.

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The woman passenger did not realise the change of her destination until the flight already took off. A crew member informed her that she was flying to Jamaica as she allegedly had a gate change at the last moment after returning from the restroom. This created major confusion inside the flight.

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As Ellis did not have her passport with her, she stayed on the jetway only, as it is regarded as US soil. While she remained at the jetway, a flight attendant accompanied her. The member waited with her until she boarded a new flight to fly to Philadelphia.

Is it going to be an infamous blunder or just a misunderstanding?

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