You Might Not Need A Passport To Travel Soon. Here’s What You Will Need Instead.

by Shreya Ghosh
You Might Not Need A Passport To Travel Soon. Here’s What You Will Need Instead.

Can you imagine going on an international trip without your passport? We cannot even think about it in our dreams, right? Well, things are changing very swiftly with the advancement of technology and innovative inventions are changing our lifestyle completely. And now it seems like anything and everything is possible with such development. Even travelling without a passport can be a reality, not right now but soon! So what is this all about? What is the replacement for your valuable official documents? Read on for all the deets of this probable huge shift in the travel industry!

Your Passports Might Not Be A Necessary In The Future!

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easyJet airline has shared a forecast that emphasises future travel. The experts are predicting that our concept and notion of traveling right now is going to be revolutionised completely. The most crucial document, our passport might not come to any use after a few decades. This forecast by easyJet shares how our heartbeats and biometric information are going to replace passports.

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Every person not only has their distinct fingerprints and retina, but their cardiac signature is also unique, as shared by the report of this forecast. Just as we see many official processes taking place with unique fingerprints, the travel industry will also rely on biometrics information and cardiac signatures instead of using a passport. The forecast for future travel reveals that these details will be logged on a global system to carry forward the process.

More Probable Significant Changes:

Till the time we are passing a few more decades and moving ahead closer to 2070, we will be witnessing a lot of additions in the travel industry. Not just a replacement of vital information, but even the way we travel will change as well. Professor Birgitte Andersen emphasised how travel destinations, accommodation types, and enjoying new experiences will see changes too.

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Another significant forecast is that e-VTOL flying air taxis can be seen inside airports in the future. This means that there will be no shuttle buses for transporting the passengers.

We surely cannot wait to see what the future travel industry with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality has in store for us!

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